Obama Did It?

Full audio:

Listen to the audio. We will know within a few hours if this is true.

David DeGerolamo

h/t A Sleeping Giant

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9 months ago

Wow ! Who is the lady doing the briefing? Position?

Got her name as “Julia”

She is not Sydney POWELL.

But what she says is very amazing.

Twitter site shows Italian newspapers are reporting the facts in their morning editions.

9 months ago

Anyone think we will have πŸš€ coming in Italy? Idk..Possibly, but FIRST we got one to win at home. ANTIFA/ blm ARE THE BIGGEST TERRORIST! Well, we won’t ignore the many “dirty gov/elite/corp”πŸ‘ˆ they have come afloat also as they $upport these people! I tried to listen to both dem and rep points made by their people and leaders before my 1st vote ever was cast. Definitely Some Crazies on both sides but we patriot’s are the Good type of crazy at least, Crazy about our freedom, FAMILY, God, guns and our amazing founding Father’s of course, who are being shat on now. I don’t usually pray much… I was upset with god for life problems and recently in the past year’s I started praying more, bc I have kids now that depend on me,I needed answer’s, I needed any help possible! I needed to know there was hope for the future of all kids in USA or the world truly bc They all look to us/America to fight for true freedom.
I have tried to Prepare for worse and I will hope for best, I am trying prepare for whatever this year brings.Well, hopefully I am! I asked God to send any sign of where to be, how to serve, how to prepare my families safety and HERE I AMπŸ‘πŸ‘ So, we will see. I am Far from wealthy and this Kung flu has diminish my little savings to barely enough to really prepare fully. What do you all do when getting desperate for like minded people to be around you? I need to find a new Church I guess, JUST WANT THE KIDS TO HAVE A CHANCE AS THEY DESERVE!! 2020-2021 might be the big ones! It just feels like a long nightmare so far. God help us all in thjs fight for freedomπŸ™
Anyone know of land for sale where there is a awesome pro constitution, 2A, home schooling community type thing? I wish I had the means to build such a community and safe haven for “approved ” families. I have so many ideas! Thank you to all NCrenegade post and information! You all give me a little more faith and hope seeing your post and vids! πŸ™πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ’ͺ
PS.. Sorry for scattered thoughts and sloppy grammar! Hope it made sense to some!


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