Obama May Have Played His Last Mulligan


The cartoon above may be correct in the reason for the embassy closures. I encourage everyone to watch CNN tomorrow evening (August 6th) at 10:00 PM to see their revelations on Benghazi. I suspect that they will just parrot the same information that Glenn Beck released shortly after the attack (and before the 2012 presidential election). The other possibility is that the United States is about to invade Syria and is limiting the retaliation to our embassies. It may also be giving them time to destroy or move sensitive information.

The other possibility is that there actually is a planned attack by al Qaeda against US interests. This would beg the question: why are these embassies not on heightened alert instead of being closed?

And why are the embassies closed for a week? Why give a time frame if the attack is imminent? Does anyone in DC actually think that timing for an attack is predicated on a time frame outlined by Obama?

Everyone knows that something is wrong with these embassy closings. If there is a credible threat, maybe more information would have been discovered if the NSA was not spying on Americans.

David DeGerolamo

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