Obama’s Lies Are Coming Home to Roost

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19 days ago

Sevastopol not Vladivostok.

19 days ago

RFK Jr. shows promise.

Roth Harbard
19 days ago

I was in elementary school when JFK was assassinated. Some of the girls in my class cried when it was announced over the intercom. I didn’t. At that time, in that place, to my family, JFK was the anti-Christ. Three strikes. #1 Democrat. #2 Catholic. But the worst, the worst by far … he was a Yankee; a New England Yankee.
I grew up and studied. Hind-sight. That thing? Amazing. It changed my mind. Jack Kennedy was a good President. Probably one of the few we’ve had that actually wanted what was best for our country and it’s people. He wasn’t perfect, but he was really good.
RFK isn’t perfect, either. I don’t agree with all his positions, but he’s a dang sight better than any of the other Cretans posing as politicians (a curse be upon them). Unhappily, I include DJT with the rest.

18 days ago
Reply to  Roth Harbard

By today’s standards JFK would be considered a conservative,constitutionalist as well as anti-Federal Reserve(which got him Whacked) anti FBI and most definitely ant-CIA. Many historians feel, including myself, he was our Last President truly elected BY THE PEOPLE…all others since have been pre-selected. Id welcome back JFK in a heart beat!

19 days ago

After listening for years to people’s opinions about this person and that I doubt Thomas Jefferson or Washington would win a majority support on NC Renegade.

Maybe it’s because the loudest speak the most, but I suspect its partly because the Powers that BE keep disorder and confusion as tools in their toolbox to keep anybody dangerous to the Blob/Swamp.

As much money and time, the Blob/Swamp has spent and CONTINUES to Destroy Trump I see someone they are afraid of.

“Oh, HE’s Controlled Opposition” Blah, Blah, Blah says the naysayers.

Nothing like a sly “But the WARP SPEED Vaxx” or such to disable anybody for President. Never mind that Presidents all through OUR History HAVE had to rely on EXPERTS to make up their mind. Its TRUMPS Fault is SO EASY to spew.

Does he have to be murdered or in serious prison for that opinion to change? A LITTLE LATE wouldn’t that be? Maybe Big Mike O would be a better choice, eh? A Quarterback SNEAK election trick.

A warning to future leadership, if you’re a real threat (AKA Over the TARGET sort) don’t be surprised if they raid your home-office and INSERT a data stick of Pedo-Porn in it to “Accidently Released to the Public” to destroy you. Nothing would make me step back from supporting someone than that.

Pray for wisdom, know who you trust and ignore the Father of Lies when they attack folks you know well.