Obviously, Janet Napolitano Is Incompetent or Lying

Rep. Trey Gowdy from South Carolina asks Janet Napolitano questoins concerning “gunwalking” and “fast and furious”.

You can draw your own conclusions as I have about her testimony. North Carolina deserves representatives and senators in Congress who are able to be on the same level as Rep. Gowdy. Once again, South Carolina is leading the nation by example.

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

Janet Napolitano sure don’t know much……………not. Homeland Security knew that the US govt was smuggling guns to Mexico from the get go!!

9 years ago

A long time ago, in an administration not as crooked as Obama’s a little comedy troop (National Lampoon) put a little album called “The Missing White House Tapes.” One of the greatest skits on that album was a parody of Sesame Street. The greatest takeaway was this line by the narrator: “Lying, lying, Big Dick is Lying.” More corrupt than Nixon. Less apt than Carter.