Of Generational Cycles, Kondratieff Waves, And Credit Expansion

  • Introduction to around 5:00
  • Around 5:55 (to around 10:20) Charles Hugh-Smith discusses the intersection of four long-term cycles.
  • Energy dependency is briefly discussed from 10:20 and transitions into Martin Armstrong’s economic confidence model – where critically the idea of the third generation (i.e. you learning from your grand-parents) as the tipping point in human experience.
  • At around 12:15 Charles and Gordon discuss the S-curve – in this case applied to the life-cycle of financialization and how debt has flipped from a positive to a negative now as we have crossed the saturation or tipping point.
  • Around 14:00 the two chaps discuss Coppock Curves and go on to the wedge of uncertainty that exists in the US equity markets.
  • At 16:20 Long ties in the coordinated easing from global central banks to this rising wedge formation in stocks and goes on at around 18:10 to note how he sees the USD as the last of the major currencies to fail
  • At 20:30 they begin to discuss the collateral contagion effects should interest rates ever be allowed to rise in the US (or Japan)
  • From 22:00 Long discusses his Gann analysis of the S&P 500 and the long-term dramatic downside he expects in nominal values for this index


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