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Did you not wonder why there are no reported cases of 2019-nCoV in Africa? The answer is simple: they have not been testing anyone as the above picture shows. It takes 36-48 hours to get test results back for coronavirus at a minimum. The results from the cruise ship in Japan trickled in over a period of several days for some reason as the number of infected increases from their small sample size.

Did you not wonder why there are no reported cases of 2019-nCoV in South America?

I believe this will be the week that the truth will come out. At that point, the world’s economies will collapse faster than the price of gas. The price of gas in eastern Tennessee is $1.89 per gallon. And the new wrinkle is that is the cash price; credit is $1.95. The price last week was not predicated on the method of payment.

Hard currency always takes precedent in a crisis. Until it doesn’t. At that point, gold and silver will retake their proper place in a world where central banks have collapsed. If your wealth is in 1’s and 0’s, you make be waking up shortly to a brave new world.

David DeGerolamo

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Millard Blanchard
Millard Blanchard
1 year ago

I recall seeing, somewhere, two reported cases of 2019-coronovirus in Africa. If this is true and future testing proves it, it will be a disaster as parts of Africa are seeing a locust sweep of biblical proportions. The virus will be impossible to control in Africa and parts of Africa are already starving.
I hope this is not a natural thing like rabies in wild animals. I don’t want to believe that.

1 year ago

David -- -- An excellent point of view.

Few in Africa know how to practice acceptable sanitation, much less even how to spell the word…

Most thought last Summer that the ebola crisis was going to get really bad……but it didn’t escape the Congo (except for one instance which was quickly contained). At least there was an effective vaccine which worked about 95% of the time, so Ebola has been held in check and has not become the pandemic it was predicted to be last July.

But the KUNG FU FLU has no known cure although some are experimenting with HIV treatments. It has a high infectious rate and seems to be as deadly as the SARS pandemic from 2003 at around 10-13 %.  However in Third World nations, the mortality would be expected to be considerably higher and infectious rate would also be higher since quarantine measures would not be as easy to control as in Communist China.

Agree that prepping is a must and those with ability to take two weeks from work and self-quarantine will have the best chance to survive.

One question: I have read some giving advice that this virus can be kept away by hand sanitizer along with sanitizing wipes in addition to frequent soapy handwashing. How effective is hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes at killing viruses? Read one place that such affect bacteria and not virus organisms.

Perhaps one of your Smart Guy followers can provide an answer; Thanks.

1 year ago
Reply to  DRenegade

The CDC info pertains to “germs”. Viruses are harder to “kill” than bacteria. Bacteria are one celled organisms, Viruses are self replicating RNA inside a protective protein coat Denaturing this protein coat through chemical or thermal means allows degradation of the RNA rendering it inert. Biologically speaking the jury is still out on whether a virus can be considered a living organism, thus it’s structural simplicity is a defense against it being “killed”.
Don’t forget a gown in the PPE (personal protective equipment) list, which usually requires skilled assistants and the skill to get in and out of the stuff. Or duct tape and trash bags and mucho common sense.
I would want that stuff if I had to care for someone in home/self quarantine
Pet store/ aquarium supply antibiotics of several common types (….cillins, ….mycins and others) come in powdered form in packets .Can be used to fight the bacterial co -infections that can help survival through the later pneumonic stages. Easy to look up standard dosage parameters and other instructions on the web or nursing handbooks ( old editions cheap and just fine). Pet antibiotics are the same as human antibiotics and a whole lot cheaper and available without prescription. Patriot Nurse used to have info and sources on this. I’ve had a stash kept in the fridge for years and it was cheap.

1 year ago

David -- -- Many thanks for the clarification.

Source of Following: http://eknygos.lsmuni.lt/springer/106/201-212.pdf

This info is based upon testing of the SARS coronavirus (2003) and how long it survived on various surfaces.

That chart shows that a coronavirus could be viable for as long as 96 hours on most surfaces.

So my provocative question to those who actually think is:

“How long do you think it will be until an asymptomatic STOCKBOY at your grocery to cough on a food can or item that you will touch and then bring home with a live coronavirus on its surface ???

Jest askin’…..

Each of your follower’s mileage could vary.

Welcome to the future lottery: “You Bet Your Life”……

This info is close to the predicted action of the KUNG FU FLU, but no VERIFIABLE information is available for to-daze KUNG FU FLU coronavirus since nobody is doing that testing or if they are, they ain’t telling nobody what they found !!

1 year ago

Bleach wipes are way better but hard on skin, alcohol is better than nothing, but minimal. Hand washing protocol specifies that soap or alcohol with a full 30 seconds of thorough scrubbing/rubbing followed by complete rinsing is most effective.
Surfaces can vary greatly depending on environment (temp, UV/ sunlight, sputum layer) up to two weeks in some cases.
Check your alcohol strength. Some bottled is 91%, some 70% and even less in hand lotion/rub.

Don’t trust masks but , better than nothing.

Certified nursing assistant

a follower
a follower
1 year ago

Officials finally began to seal the borders on Jan. 23. But it was too late. Speaking to reporters a few days after the the city was put under quarantine, the mayor estimated that 5 million people had already left.
Where did they go?
a follower,
Is it not obvious they scattered?
Does it matter?
Does it matter who started this, or how it started?
Has God allowed it, and why, Why would be the most beneficial question (for your selves) to be answered of all. Even if this turns out to be something else,(other than a world wide plague) God has allowed it!
Have we been warned? As a Nation,as a world,Why?

a follower
a follower
1 year ago

Testing, check, check, Houston???
Thanks to all who persevere through the daily drudge and debacle that communication has become.
So that one worked? Huh?

Millard Blanchard
Millard Blanchard
1 year ago

Ascorbic acid seems to be the only treatment for all pathogens. Cathcart used ascorbic acid IV for treatment of various viruses, achieving remission in EBV within 24 hrs. See the link in the attachment for administering ascorbic acid to bowel tolerance (oral). Take note that few can tolerate the oral dosage for anti-viral use, however.