So Our Options Are Limited…

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For Those with Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

The highly acclaimed 7+ star rated documentary on IMDB has been shown all over the world.  This documentary reveals the truth of what has happened, and what will continue happening if no one wakes up to the truth.

Watch the Documentary

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Using a spotlight for light, for signaling and to counter night vision devises.

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What Does This Mean?

From the About line on this site:

Comments are always welcome but we reserve the right to use our discretion on the validity of the comment’s intent. Comments which are intended to incite or provoke readers will not be posted. Comments that are off topic or make false/misleading accusations will be deleted. That includes adding links to other articles that are not pertinent to the article’s content. Comments that include foul language will be deleted.

Comments will always be the most demoralizing aspect of maintaining this site. People’s egos will not win wars. People’s need to attack and marginalize others will not win wars. People’s need to incite and provoke will not win wars. And if we do not win the war in which we are now engaged, we win not be able to rebuild a better nation or future for our children.

I see that we have new people commenting who may not know the existing rules for this site’s etiquette. Some recent comment threads have become so contentious that I had to turn comments off.

If you are posting comments off topic, I will reply with “off topic”. If you are attacking other commenters, I will reply with “personal attack”. Other replies that are necessary will be posted but after a negative reply by me on the site, you will see “46”. If you get a “Biden”, consider it a warning. If you get enough Biden replies, you will be blacklisted.

If you are asking why these measures are being implemented, you have missed the purpose of this site: promote information and unity.

David DeGerolamo

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Why Do They Want a Democracy?

Once I started doing research into the founding principles of the Republic and the founding fathers, I understood that Democracy was one of the last types of government that this great experiment wanted to put in place. The above video was posted in a comment on this site linking to Bustednuckles.

We are fed propaganda relentlessly by all of our leaders and pundits that America is a democracy. Every time Tucker Carlson calls this country a democracy, I gnash my teeth. How can intelligent people supporting the Constitution and the Republic not understand the dangers of democracy? This is nothing more than brainwashing the public to accept tyranny under a fraudulent government. Unfortunately this tactic has succeeded in supplanting freedom and liberty in exchange for tyranny and the enslavement of our children. Even worse, their mantra is to install democracies across the world so that people can be “free”.

Do you feel free or do you feel the chains of democracy? If you are not convinced that democracy is evil, ask yourself why the tyrants are importing illegal aliens to vote? Democracy is mob rule and voting is a means for them to kill us. They want us dead because they do not need us. What happens when we understand that we do not need tyrants or their democracy?

David DeGerolamo

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Good Times Ahead…

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The Near Future

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Tucker – Sexual Mutilation

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Money Laundering Machine


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The cost of an Abrams tank is over $10 million. The cost of one javelin is $250,000. This was the first Abrams spotted in operation in Ukraine. It did not last three days.


The public support for this war against Russia was fabricated by the government and media. They used it to send money and weapons in this proxy war which resulted in the deaths of at least 400,000 Ukrainians. Now that the truth is coming out concerning NATO aggression since 2014 in Ukraine and Russian forces, Congress is not sending “aid” to this lost cause at present. Washington’s options are now limited to admitting defeat or escalating the war with ground troops.

Admitting defeat in an election year is not an option for this illegal government. Escalating the war with ground troops will be the start of WWIII and a nuclear war. Putin believes we are already in WWIII and I agree. The United States does not have the necessary equipment, military or leadership to win a world war. As Russia has already stated: they will not lose a war when they have the nuclear weapons to prevent it.

As for comments rebutting the above, please document with facts why you disagree.

David DeGerolamo


First M1 Abrams Tank Destroyed In Ukraine Shortly After Appearance On Battlefield

Russian forces claim they have successfully destroyed an American-supplied M1 Abrams main battle tank for the first time, coming two full years into the Ukraine war, outside the captured city of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region.

The US-made advanced tank was reportedly taken out by a kamikaze drone or loitering munition launched by Russia’s 15th Motorized Rifle Brigade. Russian state media accounts made the announcement Monday and published video purporting to show the destruction of the M1 Abrams main battle tank.


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Another Day Passes And Evil Continues To Win

It’s strange waking up everyday and continuing to live somewhat of a normal life under a coup and overthrow of our government. Yet here we are!

So many evil acts have been flaunted in our face and for the most part people just go about their daily lives and say “oh well, what can we do?”

It’s what I do now and have been doing for some time. I tried to do the “right thing” but the evil and corruption run deep. We won’t unite and I won’t go it alone.

I am amazed how every day continues to go by and nothing happens. Somehow they manage to hold everything together and keep us teetering on that cliff, holding the chaos at bay.

So many people are excited about this upcoming next “most important election of our lifetime!” I appreciate your enthusiasm and I’ll be here for you after all your hopes and dreams of voting your way out of this mess are crushed once again. I refuse to participate in corrupt elections. But yall give it hell.

The TINVOWOOT camp is growing, and I am hopeful it will grow exponentially come November.

We’ll still have to unite and stand, self-government requires us to engage and take action. Perhaps that event isn’t too far off.

Everyone needs to realize the future is all in our hands, not these evil people in our so called government. Evil must be confronted and held accountable.

I understand your fear. Fear still dominates our lives. Fear of losing your job, income, comfort, friends, home, personal freedom and yes, maybe even life itself, and it is this fear whom we have become slaves to. It is time for men to find their courage. Sacrifices must be made. I don’t sleep very well anymore and haven’t for some time. I am troubled by what we are faced with, but I am not afraid of what approaches and that mirror is getting harder to look at myself with.


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NGOs Are “Government Organizations” Designed to Destroy

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Have Some Truthful History from 2014

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Blonde AI

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