Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead At 87

Justice Ruth Bader Gisnburg is dead at the age of 87, the Supreme Court announced on Friday, which added that she died of “complications of metastatic pancreas cancer.”


I will not speak ill of the dead. Let’s pray that His path for us is plain to see as the war approaches.

David DeGerolamo

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Don’t be a Trump supporter in Portland. Do Portland Locals Support The Radical Left’s Riots & Rhetoric?

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A (renewed) Declaration of Independence

I believe we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the Image or our Creator, to serve Him through headship, leadership, and stewardship. We were made specifically for THIS time to be the hands and feel of Messiah and shepherd the Father’s Kingdom. I believe that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. I believe that governments are instituted among men, and they derive their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government.

I belong to the Creator, and I assert here and now that governments may not, for any reason, hinder my God-given rights to protect myself and my family (2nd Amendment and Luke 22:36); to worship our Creator (1st Amendment and Hebrews 10:25); to speak truth to power, to peacefully assemble, and to not be censored or throttled; to provide for my family (Article 13 U.S. Constitution and 1 Timothy 5:8); and to teach and lead my family as I see fit (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). I come before you as a broken sinner, redeemed only by the blood of the Lamb, in submission to my Creator to humbly state that I will love the Lord my God, YHWH my Elohim, with all my heart, my soul, and my mind. And I will love my neighbor as myself (Matthew 22:37). I believe we are called to walk in the footsteps of our Messiah (1 Peter 2:21) to be the light of the world, to rescue mankind from darkness. Not because we are great, but because HE is Good.

I believe that we cannot fill the gaps in our armor with American patriotism alone, but that we must first be right with God, and then we must lead our homes, our wives and children; that our homes might form strong communities; that our communities form strong towns and cities; that our towns and cities form strong counties; and out of strong counties comes a strong state; and that only strong states, subordinate to the will of the Creator, can form a strong nation. For we are not “One Nation Under God” any longer. We are divided, and therefore cannot stand. We have placed ourselves and our country above God. And if the Creator doesn’t judge these United States, and soon, He SURELY owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

So I beg you, countrymen, repent, turn from your wicked ways, seek the Father in all that you do, and please HIM, not yourselves (Hebrews 10:26-31). I believe we are capable of good and must be purveyors of it to withstand the enemy and his wicked schemes. I believe that our country is at a crossroads, a turning of the page. I believe there is an active insurgency in the United States of America, fomented and supported by international bad actors with cooperation from the American grassroots all the way to Washington, D.C. I believe that we are already in both WWIII and Civil War 2, however most Americans will choose to turn a blind eye to these uncomfortable truths, as they do not fit the narrative of the day. And I believe bad actors within our own government have enjoyed the strength of unchecked tyranny for too long, and I fear that they will never willingly acquiesce.

I believe that chaos is coming and that it will reign for a time, but I know our Creator is a mighty warrior (Exodus 15:3) who fight for His people, and that He is the author or order not of chaos. I fear that we, the American people, have subcontracted our personal responsibility to the lowest bidder for too long. We have enjoyed unprecedented prosperity, which has served to, unfortunately, make unprecedented cowards of us all. I believe that hard times are coming. Things will get worse before they get better. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. But I believe we can, and should, HARDEN UP.

BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS. We were created for this time. We are not here by accident. You are a key player in Divine Providence. I confess that the only thing that scares me more than wearing armor is my son having to wear it instead. So let us stand. I pledge allegiance to the Father and His Living Word, with wisdom and discernment for all, one family guided by His hand, with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

So what comes next? I submit we lay ourselves at the foot of the timbers upon which Messiah hung and beseech the Creator for His wisdom and direction. And with fullness of understanding and conviction of hearth, we begin to steward this land again. For if we are to be in submission to authority, let that authority flow from the Living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And Him I will serve with fear and trembling to the best of my broken ability. And in that, perhaps, we might achieve a more perfect union.

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Seems as though there will not be a WhiteHouse Siege

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Steve Bannon: November 3, 2020 “That’s when the war starts.”

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ALERT! Expect Another Industry Wide Bailout! And Again The American People LOSE.

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Got Food? Australia Runs Out of Rice as Police Invade Market Protest

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The Blatant Manipulation of the Black Community by China

UPDATE: Click on the links below the images to see the site pages clearly.


Black Futures Lab works with Black people to transform our communities, building Black political power and changing the way that power operates—locally, statewide, and nationally.

Let’s click their Donate button:

From their site:

Are you ready to join us?

*Black Futures Lab is a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association. 

I would like to think that Black Americans would put their country first over a hyphenation. At some point, we have to understand that we are all in this together. Manipulation by a political party, Chinese associations and the Deep State will only lead to subjugation. What price is worth your freedom?

David DeGerolamo

h/t Glenn Beck

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Considering Your Tactics, Techniques And Procedures In The American Civil War II

The Gateway Pundit.

A Nebraska bar owner that killed a rioter has been charged with “terrorism” and “manslaughter” by a District Attorney who initially admitted it was blatant self defense.
The DA has also admitted that they were “pressured” by local activists and politicians to bring the charges.

The bar owner, Jake Gardner, has now been indicted by a grand jury on counts of manslaughter, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, attempted first-degree assault and making terrorist threats.

On May 30, the 38-year-old bar owner confronted a group of rioters outside one of the bars he owns in Omaha and was knocked to the ground.

“From there, he fired two warning shots and tried to get to his feet, prosecutors said. As he did, Gardner got into a fight with one man, James Scurlock, 22. The two scuffled before Gardner fired a shot that killed him,” Yahoo News reports.

The incident prompted a wave of further “protests,” particularly after Donald Kleine, the Douglas County attorney, determined that Gardner had acted in self-defense and declined to bring charges.

“A week later, Kleine said in a statement that after hearing from local residents and elected officials he would welcome an outside review ‘in this rare instance.’ He added, ‘I made a decision and I would not change that decision based on everything I know today,’” the Yahoo report explains.

Douglas County District Court Judge Shelly Stratman then appointed a special council, Fredrick Franklin, an assistant U.S. attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Omaha, to handle the case, though they said they expected the same outcome.

Instead, Franklin bowed to pressure and dug up evidence and came up with charges.

“The manslaughter charge, he said, is related to Scurlock’s death; the attempted assault charge resulted from the second warning shot Gardner fired; the charge of making terrorist threats is linked to ‘a verbal confrontation’ that Gardner had with Scurlock, Franklin continued,” Yahoo reports.

War has been declared on you, your family, and your possessions.  You’ve seen enough instances like this to know how it’s going to go down.

You behave according to traditional Western and Biblical jurisprudence, and then the unthinkable happens.

You’ve been baited into a response.  Every action has been videoed.  A prosecutor charges you with some crime, or even decides not to.

The family of the one who has been shot gets on local television and cries and talks about what a “good boy” he was, and how he had such a bright future, complete with smiling pictures of the boy and local pastors talking about volunteer work he did.  It will all be covered by local talking heads in suits and pretty dresses, who look sad while listening, and show the utmost unction during the interviews.

Local politicians, who want to get reelected and need all the votes they can muster, pressure prosecutors.  The prosecutor changes his or her mind and convenes a “Grand Jury.”

Grand juries don’t have the same protections for you, are unconstitutional, and were constructed to get presumed convictions where they otherwise couldn’t (after all, a real jury would conclude, then why else would a grand jury have indicted someone?).  It doesn’t take a unanimous decision to indict on a grand jury.

The judge watches the local news too, and appoints a “special council” to investigate and prosecute your actions.  You get convicted, or even if you don’t, you spend your life savings and go bankrupt defending yourself.

This all happens if you use traditional TTPs to defend yourself and your family, even attempting to warn rioters with warning shots because you don’t really want to harm anyone, under the assumption that America is still a civilized and just society, not at war with itself.


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Retired CIA officer sends dire warning to America: The Left’s Marxist revolution isn’t concerned about who wins the November election

While most Americans continue to struggle against shutdown Democrats who continue to keep portions of their state’s economies shut down months after telling their citizens they just needed a few weeks to ‘bend the curve’ of the COVID pandemic, they are oblivious to what’s coming in just a few short weeks.

Many of these same Americans have seen the rioting, the looting, the attacks against our police, the continued assaults against Trump supporters, and the endless violence that has torn the soul out of many of our cities.

They don’t like what they’re seeing. But they don’t really understand what they’re seeing: The beginning of a revolution that will proceed regardless of who wins the November election.

Translated, that means if you’re someone who thinks we’ve got to put Democrats and Joe Biden in office in order to ‘get the rioting to stop,’ think again. 

Retired CIA officer Sam Faddis, who spent decades undercover working in the Middle East and South Asia — and who has seen such revolutions unfold — writes in a column published by Revolver News that what’s happening across our country is nothing new. It’s a script that’s been used over and over again by Marxists, Leninists and Communists to gain power since the violent creation of the Soviet Union in the ashes of World War I.

And what’s more, many of the anarchist “foot soldiers” — the Antifa and Black Lives Matter types who think they really are fighting ‘fascism’ and believe they’ll wind up with a ‘more fair and equitable world’ if the win — will realize too late they were patsies.

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EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Responds to “MARTIAL LAW” Smear

The return of Martial Law? | Afram News

Now that we are on the eve of President Trump’s re-election, the mainstream ‘news’ media’s brazen disinformation war has shifted into maximum overdrive. Their false charge that I urged the President to declare Martial Law if he lost the next election is false and must be exposed.

The usual pseudo-journalistic suspects are at it again, scrambling hysterically to please their shadowy political masters, spewing forth their latest blatantly-false partisan fantasy narrative onto the fake news-weary American electorate, now long-fatigued by the ceaseless scheming and ruthless manipulating they have had to suffer for years now at the hands of these high-tech disinformationists.

Like all of their convoluted efforts to gaslight the public, spinning a more and more bizarre version of reality with each new layer of bovine feces they pile onto it, the latest springs out of the same arrogant runaway megalomania as the rest, only with far grander designs in mind. They are now approaching the culmination of their long-standing plans for total seizure, no matter what the cost, of totalitarian-level power which requires, first and foremost, stealing the presidency by any means necessary.

Since 2016 we have seen an unbroken pattern of the President’s opponents accusing him and his supporters of doing exactly what they themselves are doing. Take for example the Clinton Campaign’s paying for and commission of a phony dossier smearing the President that was prepared with the assistance of Russian Intelligence and laundering their payment through a West Coast law firm- the only actual Russian Collusion in the 2016 election. Here they are at it again.

In unholy communion with their deceitful fellow traveler propagandists in corporate media, the Democrat Party’s daft dishonest ‘leaders’ are now totally unabashed about their single minded intention to steal the 2020 presidential election by engaging in rampant, unprecedented voter fraud, staging unprecedented violence in our streets and communities to promote instability while simultaneously scheming to  limit the legal and political prerogatives available to the nation’s chief executive officer to stop their commission of this massive crime. The Left is attacking me because I have exposed them, not because I have urged the President to do anything improper or illegal.

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CIVIL WAR: The Way America Could End in 2020

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Radical Militias in the US

You’re not going to enjoy this one.

QuotePics.com | Who Writes History? | QuotePics.com
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I Wonder When People Will Wake Up?

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Vote for Trump, Prepare for War

Most Americans know by now that November 3rd will be nothing other than the start of a hot civil war. The smart ones are planning for it. But responses are all across the board. Some refuse to believe it. Some think the communists will win and are trying to get on their side. They think the communists will win, because the police will keep the others from coming out to play. To some degree, they are right. As long as the police stand between patriots and the criminal looters and murderers, it will be difficult for law-abiding Americans to do their duty. 

That’s just the point. It is their DUTY to defend themselves, their property and the nation from this concerted, organized and well-supplied efforts to take over America. If I had said that a year ago, many would have laughed in my face. Even today, as I walk around my new town in Texas and talk to my new neighbors about the coming events to gauge their temperaments, I find some incredulity, some denial as to what the future holds. Now, keep in mind, I am practiced at this. I am not just confronting them with the possibility of a civil war, I ease into it, asking a few leading questions, or putting out a mild statement to test their response and rarely go full information warrior on them. Still, many seem oblivious and I envy them to a degree, to have been able to remain so for so long, but I feel sorry for them, too. They will be wholly unprepared for the waves of insanity  they will witness on television. It will be like 9/11 times a thousand; just horrified disbelief, but in that moment of realization, that sudden alignment of words spoken to actions taken when they finally understand that when BLM say they want to “burn this system down” they mean it and they mean it literally.

There will also come a flight 93 moment when they realize they will have to take action themselves to stop the destruction of the nation and they will come together as the passengers of flight 93 did to face the demonic terrorists before them and act. 

Having said that, I am full-throttle building 12 Round Productions into a theatrical production company, starting preliminary work on a few projects in conjunction with a couple of different production companies. To questions arising in the readership, let me say that no, I do not expect to be in a position to see it through. That isn’t the point. The point is to start building what will need to exist once the smoke clears. I will put people in place to carry on for me. 

Understand one thing very clearly, at the end of this Texas will probably be the starting point of whatever comes AFTER the United States of America. It will carry the best parts of the republic forward, drawing probably Florida and most of the South with it. There are reasons that it starts in Texas, rather than North Carolina or Wyoming. Nothing against those states, but in Texas there is and always has been a sense of itself as distinct from the United States where no other state is accustomed to thinking of itself in that way. Texas has its own electric grid, ports, energy production, food production, distribution system, etc. Moreover, it has a traditional sense of self-defense. Logistically, there aren’t many states better prepared to break with the corrupted, coerced union. 

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