Questions we need answers to: open comments

EDITORIAL UPDATE: I seriously want to delete this post (something I have never done on this site). It is copied from a comment on a separate post. Since it has been linked at WRSA, I will add some context. This is an example of what our founding fathers warned us concerning domestic enemies destroying us from within. These questions DO NOT need to be answered: they need to be recognized as a means of distraction. If you want to sit at your keyboard and give yourself a reason not to stand up, remember Sam Adams’ admonition:

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains setlightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

Focus on what is important: securing our children’s Liberty. Everything else will be discerned by moral men and women.

David DeGerolamo


We have a commenter in our midst who asks important questions, questions that need answers. Let’s hear your thoughts people…..

Having an ideology is the first step to a win. You have to want power for a purpose, good or ill in order to take it. 

We do not live in the America of 1776 demographically, culturally or technologically and need to deal with that and with the new realities 

The kind of Night Watchman/ Federalism idea our Founding Fathers espoused simply isn’t going to work today and that leaves a sour taste in a lot of mouths. It is what it is 

Let me ask a few outright policy questions here in order to prime the pump 

Will you regulate porn in order to prevent degeneracy keeping in mind its virtual 

What weapons will you allow , will you ban germ warfare at home or nukes or allow States to do it ? 

How will you ensure that food is safe to eat given the incentives are to cheat

Same with water and air and land pollution

Will you allow immigration if so how much 

How will you make sure we don’t have epidemics if you don’t want national health care and can’t build a system that lets you trust vaccine companies 

If companies refuse to sell medicine to your new state in order to force it out , will you use the government to make sure that there is medicine 

Will you ban abortion or most abortion knowing this will have negative effect on crime and demography 

Will you ban the pill 

Will you control the teaching of communism at Universities 

Will you control the content of media to prevent perversions and subversion 

I’ll note the Left has answers for all of them, some are stupid, quick, glib or malicious but that is still better than the Right can manage . 100% of nothing is nothing

The questions are a distraction to a degree but if you can’t answer basic questions no one will fight with you. Every facet of the Left can do this. Why can’t the Right?

Feel free to pick your own questions if these seem pointless but anyone signing up wants to know in reasonable detail what the are fighting for . 

Its my life you are asking for after all and we aren’t leftists, we need a dialectic answer 

And note “The Constitution” is not an answer. That is a slogan. 

What are your policies? If your movement can’t answer that, might as well let the Reds win because they will.Before I help anyone take power I need to know why me and mine benefit and how the problems of reality will get solved so things don’t get worse 

You can’t do this? I don’t want you near power. You are less fit than the Reds who occasionally solve problems 

And if you want to know what motivates men, look to the anti abortion movement. They’ve fought, killed, died and gone to jail for specific goal, to save the lives of the unborn 

That motivates people , leave me alone does not. 

Stand for something tangible or fail before you start

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The Problem is Choice

The central questions are, Who, Whom, What and Why.
Answer those, and the How and When will take care of themselves much more handily.

We are much more comfortable staying in our nice safe cocoon, insulated from the world and all of it’s woes. So, the questions remain. What do we do? What can each of us do? Will it make a difference in the end? We don’t know. The heart of our country still beats, faint at times though it seems. It’s audible, sometimes louder and stronger, sometimes almost so faint that we expect to hear of it’s failure, failure so drastic that it is fatal. Failure is unacceptable. Final. 

We all have a Choice to make in this fight for Liberty.

But First We have some Questions to Answer.


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On this same theme

From the Woodpile Report this morning.

 American Partisan has posted  a review of thirteen 4GW books, a sort of self-study using lessons learned by guerilla fighters in enemy occupied countries. There are many worthwhile takeaways, from both winning and losing campaigns. 4GW has always been nasty stuff, often repulsive, by intent. Much of what’s said of it by would-be partisan fighters is to talk themselves off the Robin Hood ledge by a nod to its medieval realities.

I’m interested in understanding what both sides are up to, the how and why, to better avoid even accidental entanglement. Why? Guerilla outfits have a near perfect record of serial betrayal from within, of losing battles and being cut to pieces, or of winning battles and being cut to pieces later along with the whole zip code they operate in, of getting sidetracked with back and forth revenge atrocities, of internal power struggles that sap strength and resources, or of devolving into just another criminal gang. 

If they do depose the occupiers, the new government understandably sees them as a danger to the state and persecutes the principles for whatever crime most offends the citizenry. A decade later they’ll make mostly fake documentaries about their heroic struggle on behalf of the regime and trot out the better behaved survivors for drinks and speeches. In other words, the payoff for partisans is survival. The payoff for survivalists is also survival, without all the noise and drama. 

Militias are different from partisans. Militias act to defend their community from an enemy incursion. Their motive is plainly stated in the movie Red Dawn: “We live here”. There’s no legitimate counter argument. Partisan guerillas define “here” as the whole country and concern themselves with conquering territory. By definition they’re the military arms of political parties, and there’s no natural limit to the ambition of either. 

Insurgencies are a whole ‘nuther catagory, for another time. 

Anyway, two things stood out in American Partisan’s critiques. First, it confirms cities are death traps for would-be urban guerilla fighters. Here’s a quote in support of the Monkey Wrench Gang’s thermite-at-night approach: 

“Generally, urban operations are a bad idea and Lind’s Victoria says that siege is the way to take a city which has been true forever”.

Siege, as in Stalingrad and Leningrad. As in Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia—the world of Selco Begovic. As in blow the bridges, cut the power lines, wreck the railroads, shut off the water and shoot the place up from outside. No need to go house to house kicking in doors and clearing neighborhoods, the inmates will do it for you. Here diversity actually is a strength, combined with scarcity the cities will defeat themselves. Wait ’em out, then walk in with sandwiches and smokes, the place is yours. 

Second, it confirms piling up steampunk carbines is not decisive in the long run. As always, the boring stuff is make or break. 

“Ammunition, he writes, is the scarcest supply”.

You’ll have enough ammo if you use it as if every round were your next to the last. Sometimes I come close to believing the anti-gun crowd is doing militias and prospective partisan fighters a favor by restricting magazine capacity. Relying on their field maneuver videos, “area denial” seems to be the default tactic. But the top end outfits don’t publish their best videos, so we can’t really know. 

In field operations the point man needs a compact, rapid fire carbine with large capacity magazines and quick targeting gizmos, granted. But after contact, I’d put my money on the guy with a Mauser and a grudge, or the calm soul who sneaks around and shoots ’em in the back, not the guy knee deep in brass turning ammo into noise and divots.

To me, my directive is my community, it is what I am prepared to defend and if I’m honest, my nation is now my neighbors, tribe and family.

Also, once the initial firing were done, my 22 would do the bulk of work, from a good distance and from places where egress would be assured.

Don’t be shy, comments are open.

Tick. Tock.

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Need More Rope

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Jonathan Roth – Civil War Coming to America?

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Killing Free Speech

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Meanwhile in Spain

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The French Know When to Stand Up

Nantes is a small city in Western France. The yellow vest movement shows no sign of stopping (or being stopped). Western news sources are downplaying this revolt against globalists’ march to Communism. There are two questions that must be answered:

  1. Why is this not being reported?
  2. Why are we not in the streets restoring Liberty?

President Trump cannot restore the country by himself. Paul Ryan proved that the Republican elite are not on our side. Whether the Democrats win by illegal voters, voter fraud, welfare entitlements or ignorance, they are winning. If they win, we know the consequences.

David DeGerolamo

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Washington State Bill Proposes ‘Composting’ of Human Corpses

PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University wants to start a pilot program to test methods of decomposing human bodies that could offer an alternative to burial or cremation.

Washington State is poised to become the first state in the Union to allow “human composting,” or the “accelerated conversion of human remains to soil.”

Senate Bill 5001, titled “Concerning human remains,” would allow for human composting, also known as “recomposition” in Washington, local KIRO-TV reported.

According to the bill, human remains “means the body of a deceased person, includes the body in any stage of decomposition, and includes postreduction human remains.”


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Short Address: Guerrilla Mindset

Are we actually a Movement? Or are we a bunch of LARP-ing poseurs frittering away our time and nation before the final gasp of Western civilization? How do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be remembered? Something everyone reading this must understand is that this isn’t a game. To stand in defiance of the Establishment is to genuinely risk everything. Are you willing to do that?

We are not going to kill the Establishment in one fell swoop—that would be too clean, too easy, and the system is too resilient. To believe this is possible is to be engaging in the worst kind of wishful thinking. The struggle before us is a slog, a guerrilla war that can only be won through deep commitment and the understanding that this is a generational struggle. The toll may well be huge. Are you willing to pay it?

Now understanding this is one thing, but using it as an excuse to inaction is quite another. The seeming paradox here is that we need to have a sense of urgency (though not allow ourselves to get careless) while simultaneously planning for the future. The adoption of a revolutionary mindset is essential—remember, our forebears already lost. We are in occupied territory and we are fighting a new war to reclaim our birthright. Any pretense of “conservatism” is ridiculous. For decades the best of our people have had their energies siphoned-off by quixotic wastes of time at best, controlled opposition at worst,while the noose slowly tightens. By the time ZOG is ready to kick the chair out from under us, it will be too late. As James Mason writes:

A Katanga savage with machete or an IRS agent in a gray flannel suit, take your pick. Your money or your life. These methods are designed for three purposes: the cow a population; to fleece a population; or to annihilate a population. Not infrequently do all three happen, one after the other.

So again I ask, are we actually a Movement? Are we willing to pay the ultimate price to save our civilization and our nations? Are we willing to be, as James Mason put it, the redeemers of our race? If the answer is yes, then it is time to start acting like it. If you are not one hundred percent committed, or your motives are questionable, you should voluntarily excuse yourself from our ranks or we will force you out. To the rest, my brothers- and sisters-in-arms: onward! Ignominy or glory, the choice is yours.

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It’s Time To Get Real About Our Enemies

Image result for democrat party socialist

The socialist plan to create anger and chaos to undermine America is happening all around us right now. Yet we ignore it. It doesn’t fit into our image of America. It comes with an aura of unreality. We’d rather make snarky comments about snowflakes and peoples’ heads exploding than get serious.

You can’t defeat an implacable enemy you refuse to name or wilfully underestimate.

Trump could shave his head and stop tweeting tomorrow, stop counterpunching, start acting like the milquetoast Romney and it would make not an ounce of difference.

Out here in Realville, we better get real about our opponents. They are not well-meaning liberals. They are dangerous. The target is not Trump. They are out to get all of us.


h/t WRSA

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Only One Way to End It


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They Will Never Be Able to Tell Nancy Pelosi That There Is a National Emergency

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h/t Lisa Redwave Andrews

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Nobody Said Yankee Democrats Were Smart

Cuomo announces income tax revenues have dropped by $2.3B

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that state income tax revenues plummeted by $2.3 billion since he introduced his new budget plan last month— a bombshell that will force him to curb spending.

Cuomo attributed the revenue drop in December and January largely to the new federal tax code, as well as volatility in the stock market and other uncertainties.

“That’s a $2.3 billion drop in revenues. That’s as serious as a heart attack. This is worse than we had anticipated,” the governor said in Albany.


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