Paul Ryan calls on Trump to concede race and end lawsuits

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Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) on Tuesday called on President Trump to concede the election to President-elect Biden and “embrace the transfer of power,” in an address at a financial conference first reported by Politico.

Why it matters: Trump has continued to deny that he lost the election, despite his administration granting so-called “ascertainment” on Monday, allowing the transition to formally begin.



The Republican “leadership” who are exposing themselves as part of the Deep State grows by the hour. Why would they validate an election that cannot be certified? We know the answer. I pray that the Lord will deliver us from evil and that we will be more vigilant after these traitors are hanged.

David DeGerolamo

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bob Harkins
bob Harkins
11 months ago

When is Trump going to do Something? He is not going to get e help from the courts of America,or from the bunch of Traitors in the Republican party,we the people is His only help,and He needs to lock this country down and start arresting people, I had enough bull shit talk to do me,if we going to take this country back,let’s get started with Or without Trump.

11 months ago
Reply to  bob Harkins

Fuckin A!! Fuck the RINO sonsofbitches. Let’s get this goin!! I am tired of this cheating shit just being accepted. This isn’t little league now, where we all get a trophy. This is a fuckin Country! The FBI sends an army to look into the Bubba Wallace bullshit, but not 1 agent to examine this election steal? Fuck them too. They are also the enemy. The federal govt. Is our fucking enemy, and, they are the enemy of OUR president, Donald J. Trump.

11 months ago
Reply to  Dan

You damn straight

11 months ago

Paul Ryan is a turncoat.