Police officer Brandon Tatum talks about his experience at the Donald Trump rally in Tucson, AZ

h/t Mike F

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8 years ago

the day is shortly coming when these Bolsheviks are going to wind up all dead, there all part of Obama, Hillary, Sanders and Soros commie organizations.

8 years ago

“…as we got closer to the door, the protesters were pushing and shoving, being very aggressive…these people were acting the fool… they were threatening people, being verbally violent against us… and I am a police officer, I’ve been through some very dramatic events, but I was very uncomfortable there, at the door, because of those protesters and what they were saying, what they were doing and what they were threatening to do…

None of these things are being presented in the media, they make it appear like the Trump suporters are haters, are violent, are the ones causing problems, but that isn’t what I saw… mostly the Trump supporters and even the security were ignoring the protesters, not responding to them unless they had to…even Trump spent most of his speech ignoring them. For the most part he ignored them, even as they were causing all this trouble.

I find it really disengenuous, how the media portrays Trump and his supporters as hating blacks and immigrants… of being hateful people. I’m an African American, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all with the Trump people. No one gave me a hard time, no one said anything to me about who I am or why I was there.

The violence was coming from the protesters. Many of them were African American, and they were loud. Most of them protersters causing all this trouble were African American, they were acting the fool. I mean they were acting the total fool…they were acting so outrageous, that I expected someone to loose their cool, but it didn’t happen…the Trump followers didnt do it, though.”

I hope that they capture that in the media -- the protesters cussing and threatening…trying to start violence with the Trum supporters…I hope that they capture in the media a picture of that mother who was covering her children’s ears because of the foul things the protesters were shouting at us in the line.

I hope that they capture all that in the media, but the don’t. You know, CNN is never there for the first part, where the protesters are causing all this troble shouting ‘Black Lives matter” and starting all this stuff, but they are always there with the cameras for the second part, where the protesters are being walked out peacefully…there they are raisng their hands, making like they’re being dragged out for no reason, and the media is all there for that, but they miss the first part, showing what these people do to deserve being thrown out, for what they do…”

What more can be said? That these #BLM protesters are *the* disrepectful and violent element at these Trump (and other political) events; and the media repeatedly and purposefully portrays them as victims, instead of as the initiators of disrespect and violence which they are.

I have made my position on Trump well known -- I belive he is a fascist, just like Hillary is a fascist. Neither is a suitable candidate to be President of our nation. But those protesting Trump are a mindless, hateful, violent lot, and if we as a society do not hold them accountable for their hate, their violence and destruction, then they shall destroy our very nation, by their ignorant and hateful behavior, and we shall have allowed them to destroy us.

Baltimore happened before Trump. Ferguson happened before Trump. There is absolutely no way that Trump can be held accountable for any of the things which “Black Lives Matter” are suposedly protesting against. So why do these violent protesters from #BLM come to *every* Trump rally, shouting, threatening, and atttacking people who are simply exercising their Constitutional rights?

Freedom of speech, freedom to assemble peaceably, freedom of association, etc.; supposedly, these are the very rights which Afican Americans believe in, which they have struggled for, and stand for.

But #BLM isn’t about civil rights -- they’re about hatred, and about destroying whatever good relations there are between the races in our country, because good racial relations are exactly what they don’t want. What they want is a violently enforced separatism, with “black areas” and “white areas”, with everyone divided, and set against one another…

They want to stage a race war here, similar to what was done in South Africa.

But what they don’t understand is that THIS IS NOT SOUTH AFRICA, and the outcome of such a string of events here will not get them what they want -- if they push this as hard as they seem inclined to, then in fact they will set race relations back all the way back to the ’50s….

The 1850s. -- As in, men of sound mind and careful reason proposing that blacks cannot be accomodated in a white society, and should not be permitted to live among whites; that they should all be sent back to Africa.

And while I do not advocate such a radical position myself, I find that over the last 4 years I am coming across repeated and strengthening indications that this belief is quietly taking hold across much of American society. And it is certainly not the quiet, respectable black majority who are engendering such a radical re-evaluation of race relations in our country. No, it is the radical minority which is to blame for this widening chasm -- it is the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd, the ‘New Black Panther Party’, the ‘Nation of Islam’ adherents, and all the rest who advocate open racial warfare -- these are at the root of this silent and profoundly divisive sentiment. It is, in fact, their purpose to create such a sentiment. Because you can’t have a full-out race war, unless and until both ‘sides’ agree that a violent solution is required. And right now, the vast majority of white America holds no such belief; nor even any such opinion which could reasonably be set out as ‘racist’.

For, while surely these militant black organizations compose only a small minority among our black population, we have repeatedly been shown how a small and violent minority within a racial group can be the cause of EXISTENTIAL conflcit, as the “radical muslims” daily remind us.

And if even a tiny group among these radical black organizations should embrace any form of violence crosses the line into terrorism, then they will in all likelihood create an irreparable breach which shall lead to the disoloution of many or all of the benefits which the Civil Rights Movement obtained for the black community only two generation ago.

I have observed earlier that THIS IS NOT SOUTH AFRICA. What I specifically mean by this is that this nation is not on the African continent; nor is it a nation predominantly composed of those of African descent; nor is it of African culture, or industry, or heritage. And what this further implies is that it will not be whites departing en-mass when separatism fails -- as was the case in South Africa a generation ago. No, here in America it will be blacks who will be disenfranchised, cut out of and set apart…and ultimately, when such demi-consentual racial separatism fails, it will be blacks who will be denaturalized and forced to flee these shores in search of a new home.

Again, I do not advocate such obscene consequences, any more than I consent to or support the predicate racial violence which is already in play; nor the wider pool of militant separatists and racists from which the #BLM and other violently separatist racial movements draw their supporters.

Rather, I am here sharing my observations because, amongst all the other difficulties which our nation presently faces, is the very real possibility that such a widely held racial divide could arise… and that the ultimate consequences of such an irreparable divide would engender the forced deportation of nearly a sixth of those whose lineage on these shores goes back at least as far as the 1850s. Or, in other words, a group who have as much claim to being Americans as any other, who have been here right from the beginning, who have worked and died, sufferen and bled as much as any other for (and under) the flag of these Unted States, and the Republic which it represents.

And the implied consequences for nearly all non-European immigrants and their descendants, once such a precedent and process for denaturalization is established, are grave indeed. The face and character of our nation would be so completely altered, as to render it unrecognizable…


8 years ago

‘And the implied consequences for nearly all non-European immigrants and their descendants, once such a precedent and process for denaturalization is established, are grave indeed. The face and character of our nation would be so completely altered, as to render it unrecognizable…’

Render it unrecognizable? It would look a lot like it looked at it’s founding.