Private banker: “Is there any good news?”

But the topic that’s on everyone’s mind right now is what’s happening in the global economy.

The news this morning tells us that Thailand is in recession. Indonesia is in a bear market.

India’s currency is plunging so rapidly that the government is desperately implementing capital controls. Japan’s trade deficit was the third worst on record last month.

Here in Italy, unemployment is at a record high, and financial-related suicides have increased 40% over last year (which itself was a record).

Adding insult to injury, the Italian government has banned cash transactions above 1,000 euros and rolled out a new army of tax police to seize people’s assets in a guilty-til-proven innocent system.

One of the banker here, who hails from a boutique firm in Austria specializing in physical gold products, asked very plainly during lunch today: “Is there any good news?”

You bet.

The good news is that this fraudulent system of unchecked, unbacked paper currency is finally coming to an end.


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