1. I release both myself and everyone else from the expectation of correct spelling of any French word with three or more consecutive vowels. Frogs. And their ridiculous Frog language. Don’t get me started.

2. If you ever get the chance, parktake of Timmerman’s Strawberry Lambic. It’s strawberry beer, y’all. I ordered it with my lunch today thinking that it would either be wicked-nasty or sublime, and it turned out to be sublime. It’s beer…made out of strawberries.

3. I’m still debating taking up smoking a tobacco pipe. I found a website of a company that sells exactly the long-stem pipes used in the Lord of the Rings. There is a Hobbit pipe, a Gandalf pipe, a Dwarf pipe and even an Aragorn pipe. I’m thinking I should get a Hobbit pipe and then tie my tie so long that I can wrap it around my ankle and then tuck the end into my shoe. And then I would be, without question, the Trendsetter of all Trendsetters.

4. Interesting feedback on the question of self-governance and monarchy from yesterday. A truly surprising number of people “get it”. They see that the populace and culture is simply too far gone, that representative governance, especially on the national scale, is nothing more than the enabling of psychopathic tyrannical oligarchy, and are ready to sign on to a system that at least has a *chance* of working. History proves that the longest-term stability does indeed come from a Christian monarchy. When a monarchy goes bad, you only need to neutralize or grease ONE person. In a tyrannical oligarchy, you’re dealing with thousands or tens of thousands of people who will have to be simultaneously, permanently removed from power. That is one of Thomas Aquinas’ points as to why a monarchy is the best form of government. Clean-up on aisle seven and get on with livin’. Now the question is, how do you set up an elected monarchy, which is better by far than hereditary monarchy? You’re going to need an aristocracy to elect the monarch. Ugh. Government is HARD.

5. Just to nip any confusion in the bud, I have less than zero desire for any role in any monarchy or aristocracy on this earth. I will never seek nor accept ANY role as such. Heck, I expect to be dead within five years, so no worries there. I cleaned the house of a neurosurgeon and his family every Saturday when I was a teenager, and I really did enjoy that. I seriously aspire to janitorial work if I somehow survive the collapse and war. You can do some really good thinking while running a vacuum cleaner.

6. People are emailing me desperately asking me to write something on the move to ban and confiscate weapons, particularly Diane Feinstein’s bill. Sorry, but I don’t waste my time on such stupidity. Nothing and no one can take away your right to defend yourself, your family and your property. If you STILL don’t get that, then I really can’t help you. They can pass whatever horseshit laws they want to, and my response, and the response of every thinking person should consist of two words: seven letters, three “f”s. If there is any lesson in the fact that you people know who I am in the first place and read everything I write, it is the fact that if you go on offense and bayonet charge these S.O.B.’s, they’ll fold. Burn a koran, and GIVE THEM YOUR ADDRESS. Charge!

Remember, there is no such thing as coercion. The government CANNOT disarm you. Only YOU can disarm you by capitulating to them. Buy a flag with an AR-15 on it and fly it outside your house. Post pictures of yourself with your weapons on the internet. QUIT COWERING. The fact that you people cower is the one and only reason these assholes in D.C. have any power at all – you GIVE IT TO THEM.

Which reminds me, have I ever showed you my license plates? No joke, these are my plates:

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