RAW VIDEO: Charlotte Police body cam video from Keith Lamont Scott incident

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Average Joe
Average Joe
7 years ago

I will confess to being a bit troubled by this shooting. Even if the man had some pot and a gun the video does not show him threatening the police. So even if everything the “undercover” police say about the reason they confronted him is true, are those enough reasons to appoint the police as judge, jury, and executioner for what appears to be a man who at worst refuse to obey officers demands? Would a more measured response to the situation have de-escalated the situation saving this man’s life and avoided the chaos?

I don’t have all the answers but I will say there seems to be a tendency to use the excuse of “officer safety” for all sorts of questionable behavior including that of LaVoy Finicum, among others. The highest calling of any public servant is the protection of the rights of citizens, not their own ass.

7 years ago

“The highest calling of any public servant is the protection of the rights of citizens, not their own ass.”


While I can’t speak to this particular incident, as there is very little info to work with, I will say that, taking *ALL* the incidents over the last five+ years what I see is a clear pattern -- officers are being trained to act and operate much more like soldiers in a warzone, than Peace Officers in a domestic environment. When I was in Iraq, any man carrying a weapon was deemed a “combatant” and thus a legitimate target the moment they approached any of our troops or allied forces.
I see very little difference between the Rules of Engagement we applied in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the rules which officers are applying here on our streets. As I observed in January 2013 -- our cities, our homes and places of work, have been placed on the battlefield. https://ncrenegade.com//editorial/a-time-to-kill/

Where such a situation ultimately leads, is directly towards civil war. The only hope for preserving the peace at this point, is for government at ALL levels to reel in their officers, retrain them under standards apropriate for Peace Officers, and eliminate all quotas associated with the currently endemic policing for profit paradigm. All the alternatives are ugly. Very ugly.


Tom Angle
7 years ago
Reply to  LT

I woudl say include understanding the law that swore an oath to keep.