Reggie Middleton Uncovers the Future of the Irish & Their Banking System

From YouTube:

Reggie Middleton uncovers extremely unnerving omissions, misrepresentations and what appears to many lay persons as outright fraud in the Irish banking system along with an in depth interview with Max Keiser in London. He names several banks directly, some which have already failed, been bailed out and collapsed their investor’s capital, others who are still operating, taking deposits and making loans. Directly after Mr. Middleton’s Irish bank expose series started, the head of the Bank of Ireland (Ireland’s main bank regulator and what used to be their reserve bank until the ECB took over) unexpectedly resigned and actually decided to forgo his 100,000 euro bonus. Hmmmm!!!!
Mr. Middleton discusses the distinct possibility of the Irish people getting “Cyprus’d” and offers tools that they can use to mitigate the risk and ascertain how bad off their country really is. A tour de force in blogging and investigative, analytical journalism through this “new media”. A challenge for the mainstream media to meet, any day!

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