Renee Ellmers Makes Her Mark

I received an email today from Western North Carolina concerning an article in the New York Times on Renee Ellmers:

A friend from NY sent the below to me concerning an article in the NTY Times concerning Ellmers and Nan Hayworth. You should check it out. When the NYT is saying nice things about a Republican, it is time to get rid of them.

I had hoped to hear Mrs. Ellmers explanation for supporting partisan politics instead of the people in her district concerning the debt ceiling legislation on this past Tuesday night. But she pulled another “Ellmers” and cancelled at the last minute. This is the third time that I know she has done this after verifying the appointment or meeting.

Mrs. Ellmers is still under the impression that she won the last election. She did not win: Bob Etheridge lost after his altercation with the student who tried to interview him. She will face a different Democrat in the next election assuming that she is not Tea Partied in the primary.

People make the faulty assumption that standing up for principles and the country makes you a Tea Party member. Disparaging Americans may be an effective tactic to promote a liberal agenda and impact elections but not representing your constituents is a sure way to become a one term representative. Consider the following quote from her:

“There is just a lot of mistrust Americans have for ‘those people in Washington,’ ” she said, adding with a laugh, “and now I am one of those people in Washington.”

She may be laughing but I did not see any joy at the Moccasin Creek meeting after seeing their reaction when reminded of her last minute cancellation. I will agree with her assessment of the country and her support for the Republican leadership:

“America is in a code,” she said, urging people to rally behind Mr. Boehner. “It’s crisis time, and it ain’t pretty.”

If she had voted according to her constituents, the first legislation would not have passed the House and the stock market would not be “in a code”.

David DeGerolamo

In Siding With Leaders, Freshman Found a Voice

From her spot on a podium at a recent news conference on Capitol Hill, Representative Renee Ellmers, Republican of North Carolina, looked slightly nervous.

Mrs. Ellmers, 47, a nurse who was elected to Congress in 2010 with zero political experience, had been given the task of helping to sell the bill championed by Speaker John A. Boehner to raise the debt ceiling, a job usually left to the leaders of her party. She took a deep breath and plunged into an explanation of how the task of lawmaking compared to saving a patient near death.

Mrs. Ellmers’s willingness to promote Mr. Boehner’s agenda places her in direct contrast to some of her freshman colleagues, who prefer to repair to Fox News to verbally poke the Republican leadership in the eye.

Her loyalty, relentless cheer and folksy locution — a news conference complement to the laconic, cigarette-tinged pronouncements of Mr. Boehner — have combined to make her one of the Republican leadership’s greatest freshman allies, and a rising star in the conference she once derided from her perch at Tea Party rallies back home.


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Do Watson
10 years ago

Good article concerning Renee Ellmers.

Keep up the good work.