Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks, Too

by Brandon Smith

Numerous cultures have had holidays dedicated to the celebration of pulling the wool over the eyes of others, from the ancient Romans, to early Muslims, to medieval Christians, to Americans and Europeans today. As April begins, we once again turn a mischievous eye to the concept of the fool and, as always, each person seeks to be the prankster and never the victim.

Unfortunately, even the most vigilant of Americans can sometimes be led astray by a clever ruse, and I believe this is taking place today in the Liberty Movement’s perception of the rising “tensions” between Russia and the West.

In my article Ukraine Crisis: Just Another Globalist-Engineered Powder Keg, I outlined the history of false paradigms and engineered conflicts between numerous nations, including how these conflicts are exploited by global money interests to consolidate and centralize social and political power. The birth of communist Russia, in particular, was directly funded by Western banks and supported with arms and military aid from the U.S. government itself. These sorts of startling facts are not taught in schools and universities exactly because the continued dominance of the money elite relies on continued misrepresentations of legitimate history.


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Jeff Marshalek
Jeff Marshalek
10 years ago

Here is a current example which supports Smith’s views. Anybody know about this? If not why?

Jeff Marshalek
Jeff Marshalek
10 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Sorry I missed this post. However it doesn’t change the main question…why does the media choose to “change” the story given to the American people? What is the motive behind the “conspiracy” demonstrated by this event? And what does this mean for those who believe we still live in a sovereign state? This is not milk and honey, this is the meat the Bible speaks of.