Safety and Preparedness

The Second Annual Carolina Readiness Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar DVDs are now available. Click here for information.

A Community Action Plan –

The following videos were made at the June 18, 2011 Carolina Readiness Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar at the Haywood County Community College in North Carolina.

William Forstchen – Part 1

William Forstchen – Part 2

William Forstchen – Part 3

Question and Answer – Part 1

Question and Answer – Part 2

Question and Answer – Part 3

Alternative Water Solutions – Part 1

Alternative Water Solutions – Part 2

Food Prepping 101 – Part 1

Food Prepping 101 – Part 2

Food Prepping 101 – Part 3

Food Prepping 101 – Part 4

Personal Waste Disposal

Public Sewer and Personal Waste Disposal

Personal Waste Processing

Retreat Design

Retreat Design – Energy Solutions

Retreat Design – Electrical Generation and Fuel Storage

Retreat Design – Heating and Cooling

Security During a Crisis – Part 1

Security During a Crisis – Part 2

Security During a Crisis – Part 3

Security During a Crisis – Part 4

Security During a Crisis – Part 5

Ryan Croft Safety and Preparedness Videos

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  4. deb callahan says:

    this is the best thing i’ve seen yet. i hope to go to the next seminar in may 2012 as i live in nc. i wish the presenters didn’t have to hurry through the info. any way to give them more time? the security ones gave me lots to think about and it’s my weakest point. The new info on energy was great! gasifiers? gasification stoves? i have to see about that because i was just wondering how i could do my canning without electricity. So thank you all. i read one second after in sept. scared the crap outta me but got me moving in the right direction. so much to do to prepare but this is great info, thanks!

  5. Brenda says:

    Ken and I would love to attend this conference. Who do we contact to make reservations?

  6. James ( Bill n Bing ) Murray says:

    We are looking to attend also
    would like to know more information about this seminar.

    since we live in Fla and are going to drive up.

  7. Kathy says:

    Would like to attend seminar in May. Is it open to the public & is there a cost?
    When will registration info be available on web-site?



  8. syberdogpa says:

    For a Base camp may I suggest an aquaponic system for fresh fruits and veg? fresh meat ( fish ) system is scalable to 600sq to 6 million gal farm — just depends I am gonna try to build a small system in my basement to see how it works

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