Sean Penn Exposes the TEA Party

Sean Penn gives his thoughts on the TEA Party on Piers Tonight:


How is America reacting to Hollywood’s opinions on current events? We have stopped going to the movies.

David DeGerolamo 

Hollywood Worries About Weak Box Office

But the truly alarming news is how very weak the North American box office performed again. I’ve been reporting how younger males — which used to be Hollywood’s target audience — have been no longer consistently (and indiscriminately) going to the movies since August. As a longtime studio exec worried out loud to me Friday night: “I’m really concerned about how soft things are. I’m sitting here looking at grosses and I’m concerned for the Industry. What’s worrying me is where are those hardcore movie fans at this point?” Well, I say Hollywood should expect the worst when they release a succession of mostly dreadful pics. This weekend’s total gross won’t edge much over $80M — which is a whopping -35% from last year when Jackass 3D opened to $50M. (I know what you’re thinking: Who are the jackasses now?) This is not a good situation for the studios to be in as moviegoing enters the all-important holiday season.

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