Secret Plans: Brussels could take control of struggling European banks

Soon, you will see it here in the US…again. 

(UK Telegraph)  “Struggling” European banks could be seized and controlled by Brussels as part  of secret plans being drawn up, it has emerged.

Politicians hope the proposals, which would be funded by a new tax on banks,  will stem the rapid escalation in the debt crisis witnessed in recent weeks.  The plan is being formulated alongside Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s   desire for a guarantee on bank deposits.  The annual levy would be placed into a “deposit guarantee scheme”,   with the fund – backed by the EU, ECB or European Stability Mechanism – also   having the power to take over struggling banks.

“Once you have gotten to a point intellectually where you are comfortable with a central European guarantee on all bank deposits, it takes only .  another small step to accept that this fund should have broader powers,”   the Sunday Times   quoted one financier working on the plans as saying.

Europe is leading the way to a condition where there is no rule of law left in the world, where the concept of Liberty and the belief that we are all “created equal, under God” are reduced to purely political phraseology, without any real or substantive value.  The US is right there with them… this massive consolidation of power in the hands of the unelected bureaucrats and banksters in the EU, UK, and US establishes beyond any questions the claims of those “radical” folks who are demanding a return to constitutional government and free markets –

“The great collectivist experiment” has failed – it failed in Russia, it failed in Europe, it is failing in China and also in the United States.  Those who insist that, in the face of this plain evidence, we go further down the path of destruction in the name of collectivist ideals, must be stopped.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States both affirm our God-given right to demand redress from government for such injuries and abuses as have been inflicted upon us; and failing satisfaction of our grievances, to alter or abolish said government, and establish new government, in a form better suited to provide for the protection and promotion of our safety and happiness.  As such, let us here make remonstrance of our grievances, and claim our rightful redress –

We require and demand smaller, less intrusive government; less regulation upon individuals and upon businesses; the immediate and permanent vacation of all forms of “progressive taxation” upon personal income, capital gains, and holdings of private property, at every level of government; the elimination of all “public entitlements” and other wealth-transfer schemes, regardless of source or stated purpose; the immediate reversal of all laws, policies, and funding which provide for militarization of civilian police forces, and the immediate re-establishment of Posse Comitatus and other rightful laws which protect natural citizens from tyranny by government at all levels.

We require and demand accountability from all branches of government, and assert the God-given right to remove, by whatever means are most appropriate, any official of government (elected or otherwise) who shall obstruct the public from full and rightful knowledge regarding the exercise of authority and/or the issuance of any public funds, whether by himself or by any other official of government.

We deny the validity of every law which in any way defers, defrays, infringes, or contravenes any element of the guarantees established for us as citizens in the United States by our Constitution; we shall hold every law prescribing or funding such deferral, defrayal, infringement, and/or contravention of said Rights and Protections to be null and void, without substance or legitimate authority; and we shall conduct ourselves accordingly, as law-abiding citizens.

Further; every Liberty and Right which we claim for ourselves, we also assert for every other person of majority who has not violated the common standards of moral comport.  As such, we invite those citizens of other nations who love and pursue Rightful Liberty, to assert and claim these rights as we do; for the highest, best good of all people, everywhere.


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9 years ago


9 years ago

Not so “secret” anymore….or was that the intent to push a rumor before the global market reopens for most on Tuesday. As it was reported today in the Telegraph, Lloyds is preparing for a euro collapse. IMO, the “market” is broken and see repeatedly rumors of QE, LTRO, TWIST, TARP so they can rally. So let’s see if this happens or if it is just one of their many rumors.