Secret Squirrel: A Message From The Georgia PATCON Human Resources Department‏

From Western Rifle Shooters Association

Over the weekend of 31 Mar to 1 Apr 2012, the Georgia Patcon discussed many ways to begin shaping the real world (meatspace) to align with the goals of the liberty movement, including ways to support that meatspace shaping using Internet resources (cyberspace). Overall, we agreed that getting out into the real world across a wide swath of liberty-oriented and preparedness interest groups and being effective there is much more useful than staying online, and brainstormed through the details of how to increase that effectiveness. Please be patient with us as we get this information in a more usable form. Some initiatives are already taking public form and this will continue over time.

Also, it is important to note that, while the way we are handling some of this may smack of Secret Squirrelry right now, some of this is by design and serves a larger purpose. Let us explain as best we can right now:

1. We assume that everything we say in person or on the Internet or by email is subject to monitoring. So, OpFor already knows what we are up to. That is not the reason we are keeping some of this under wraps.

2. OpFor has highly evolved techniques for disrupting and shaping efforts in cyberspace. However, their capability in meatspace has not caught up, nor is it likely to catch up.

3. It is much more difficult for OpFor to engage and disrupt a face-to-face encounter and maintain credibility while doing so than is possible in cyberspace, particularly when confronted with multiple highly-skilled bullshit-detectors (i.e., people who negotiate or sell for a living), the identities and skill sets of which may not be known to all OpFor participants. To use a military analogy, we are grounding their drone fleet and drawing them instead into a series of knife fights, thus nullifying their technological advantage.

4. As an aside, in this context, email is closer to meatspace than it is cyberspace in that an actor must individually engage to disrupt. This is signficantly different than the ability to sling disruptive crap on the web.

5. By disruptive crap, we do not mean hardcore content, or even interpersonal bickering. All such energy serves a useful purpose as later Georgia Patcon work product will illustrate.

6. NO ONE IS EXCLUDED. As mentioned previously, we assume OpFor knows all our plans. We just intend to distribute much of this material outside the normal web for reasons we’ll describe in detail later. A review of the essentials of CPX Foxtrot is helpful to understand this concept more fully.

7. Meatspace is the key. All of our efforts should be dedicated to enhancing our efforts there. Show up at a Patcon or Liberty Summit and you will be briefed in as fully as circumstances permit.

8. For OpSec reasons, we highly encourage well-developed militia groups to only send one or two representatives to any such events, and strive to make sure it is the same one or two people each time. Each of you are perfectly capable of taking the information we provide and briefing your units. We do not need to see more of your group, whether at a Patcon or ill-advised speaking tours. Compartmentalization is an important part of the meatspace battle, and by following this simple rule we will deny OpFor the opportunity to use Patcons to plant provocateurs in your units.

9. At events, if you see individuals or pairs listening, taking notes, and not talking, please do not inquire further. Let us respect the OpSec needs of our militia friends. Again, we assume OpFor is already there and knows our plans in advance, so if they insert a similar team which only listens but does not disrupt the proceedings, then we have accomplished a significant objective. Remember that OpFor does not need to insert warm bodies to eavesdrop, but they do need to insert warm bodies to disrupt or provocate. Since we are not discussing anything actionable, listening does us no harm and can only help educate our FreeFor brothers.

We will add to this list as issues arise.

Again, please be patient with us as we massage the information into a more useful form.

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