Selling Our Soul for Votes


I wonder why Bill uses perversion instead of homosexualilty.

Our founding fathers only had four capital offenses:

  1. Desertion
  2. Cowardice
  3. Treason
  4. Homosexuality

You either believe in the Word of God, make excuses against the Word of God for political correctness or attack the Word of God.

David DeGerolamo

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7 years ago

who are this guys political heroes?
name one politician who hasnt caved in?

the election process is corrupt………………..

J Marshalek
J Marshalek
7 years ago

Penn State elite has taken on the goal to change the meaning of queer from something negative to something positive. There were posters on walls at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center which stated: Penn State Lives Queer. The political powers of this country have also changed the public perception on the word Homosexuality. So I agree with the use of “perversion” in place of homosexuality. It is harder for them to change the meaning.