Senator Rand Paul Calls For Unity In North Carolina

WASHINGTON, DC -Senator Rand Paul released the following statement in regards to North Carolina’s GOP primary results:

“Congratulations to Thom Tillis. Now that the primary is over, it is time for our side to unite to defeat the Democrat who cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare,  Kay Hagan, in November. I endorse Thom Tillis and look forward to working with him in the Senate. I congratulate my friend Greg Brannon on a well fought race and encourage all the candidates to unite for victory in November.”

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7 years ago

With all due respect sir, why would a conservative support a GOP candidate who outspends democrats? Not to mention showing a willingness to allow illegal aliens to replace and suppress the wages of the working families of North Carolina.

Senator Paul, with what is it you expect me to unite? Expansion of government and screwing the working families of my state and country? If that is our choice then there is not a choice and he will NOT get my vote.

Maybe it’s time for the GOP to revisit the result of running big government candidates like Romney, Bush, McLame, Dole, Tillis and far too many others. How that work out for ya?

7 years ago

imho, Rand P. has sold out. He fell far from the tree.