Sniper tip….Do not be tree cancer.

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strider 777
strider 777
4 months ago

Two more tips: Don’t just shoot from concealment (i.e. tree, bush, ghillie suit, etc.,), but try to shoot from cover when possible (anything that can definitely stop a bullet). Also, after taking the shot, don’t hang around too long. Move to a new location as soon as possible, and know where and why you’re going there.

Arizona Sentinel
Arizona Sentinel
3 months ago

I’m not an expert shooter by any definition. But wouldn’t shooting through the bush affect the round going through it? It wold be hitting branches of all shapes and widths and anything else in the bush. Just saying. Someone p)ease explain this.

2nd line of defense
3 months ago

Signature. Disguise the report of your weapon. Deploy on high-rise rooftops. Take the shot evac down fire stairs pull fire alarm on your way by. This will put you in an evacuation crowd. Oh and 1 more thing…pack your weapon in a soft guitar case. Godspeed.