Some do not want to waste money prepping….They might not need it. I say buying food now and live.

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1 year ago

Life is hard, it is even harder when you are stupid, that is life!
While I believe God created us, I also believe, the stupid and the unlucky will die off sooner.

There is not enough food and supplies for every one to stock up, there isn’t even enough food for every one, in the near future. Encourage those who spend their money on cruises and pools to continue to do so and then move to LA.

With everything going to shxx, now, there is no hope for those who can’t see what is going on, they are just blind or really stupid.

Years ago I once showed a neighbor a photo of the pentagon after 9-11, there was a 12 foot hole in the building, with the glass on the third floor window intact, I asked how a airliner could fit in the hole? He could not believe his eyes, he only believed what he was told by the government. There is just no hope for most people.

May be you are more successful than I, I have given up convincing anyone of any thing!

Citizen Joe
Citizen Joe
1 year ago

Prepping is just buying in advance things that we use daily. Everyone needs to do it.