Stewart Rhodes – At What Point Do You Honor Your Oath to Uphold the Constitution?

I asked Stewart Rhodes (the founder of Oath Keepers) the following question: at what point do you honor your oath to uphold the Constitution? Keep in mind that this was in May, 2012. Since that time, our first and second amendments have come under further attack by the federal government, the president has be re-elected and drones can be legally used at the discretion of the president to kill “terrorists” according to the Justice Department.  Also after this question was asked, the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act was Constitutional.

At some point, the line in the sand must be drawn: nullification is not an effective course of action when the states do not consider it to be legal or are unwillingly to pursue it. Is it time to pursue civil disobedience as he stated or is it past this point also?

David DeGerolamo

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11 years ago

Its easy to say an oath, but harder to keep it.

David H Powell
David H Powell
11 years ago

One does not just “say” an Oath! Men of Virtue and Integrity “Take an Oath” and with that comes the “Responsibility based on those virtues to KEEP that Oath. A man is nothing without virtue and integrity.