Stop Playing Their Game

russian-roulette-with-your-soulIf we are truly conservative, in the spiritual as well as the material sense, then we need to stop playing the same games as the greedy, godless monsters whom we claim to oppose.

For one, we need to stop playing the “who should be killed when the chaos comes” game – it is Evil.  Period.  “Judge not, lest ye be judged with the same judgement”

When (not if) the chaos comes, we will have a very small window of opportunity to preserve/restore rightful government at our local, county, and state levels, and then allow said rightful government to deal with those who have violated our natural and God given rights.  Our rightful governments will do this through Due Process of Law – it can never be achieved by vengeful mobs of citizens…to think otherwise is to entertain the devil’s own temptation. So stop making war plans and kill-lists, and start developing plans with your neighbors and your community on how to preserve peace and just governance in the times of trial ahead.

There is no vindication of Liberty if we become the very image of that which we (and God) despise.  And even if this were not the case, we must concede that in any given conflict, there is no demonstrable justice in who dies, or who lives but has a shattered life – the innocent are always the first and worst victims of civil war.  If your heart is not sure of this plain truth; and/or if you are not spiritually prepared to enter this contest with the most profound apprehension of your actions in this regard, to restrain your passion for vengeance and to act in accordance with dignity throughout; then I pray that you make a hefty profit by selling your arms, ammunition, and accessories of violence now, before the test of divine justice is upon you.

  • Don’t make promises you can’t or won’t keep.
  • Don’t make any promise or swear any vow which condemns your soul.
  • Don’t elevate Liberty into a false idol.  Liberty is Not God: liberty is a virtue given by God unto those who keep His peace; none other can withstand it.
    (as we are now witnessing)

God’s victory leads unto all others; therefore it must be secure within each of us before we take to the field upon the call to any other battle.  I thank God that this Advent season has reminded me of these things, and that I have been given grace to speak them to my fellow patriots.

May our cause remain always just and true, and may our hearts be disciplined first in the admonition of the Lord, Amen.

~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to death!

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11 years ago

Excellent piece.