Super Congress Is Not Constitutional

The new super congress that was formed as part of the debt ceiling resolution may not be Constitutional according to Judge Napolitano:


This is another case where the representatives and senators did not have (or take) the time to “read the bill”. Where else but government can you address a problem at your convenience by extending deadlines, blame someone or some group (patriots) for your inaction, “fix” the problem at the last minute and then find out that the problem has been made worse? Republicans are now following in the footsteps of Nancy Pelosi. Remember her rationale concerning the passage of Health Care Legislation:

“we have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it”


Concentrating power into the hands of a select few is not a representative republic under the Constitution as pointed out above. As Congressmen are finding out too late, they have left the genie of a dictatorship out of the bottle. History again shows us that true dictatorships are not comprised of only one “leader”.

During the French Revolution, the Committee of Public Safety (CPS) also consisted of twelve men:

The Jacobins now had firm control not only of the Convention, but the French nation as well. They were the government. And they now had even more pressing problems: civil war was everywhere, economic distress had not been lifted, they had to keep the sans-culottes satisfied, they suffered continued threats of foreign invasion and the nation’s ports had all been blockaded. They lived, dreading the possibility that if they failed, so too would the Revolution. Only strong leadership could save the Revolution. The Committee of Public Safety assumed leadership, in April 1793. As a branch of the National Convention itself, the Committee of Public Safety had broad powers which included the organization of the nation’s defenses, all foreign policy, and the supervision of ministers. The Committee also ordered arrests and trials of counter-revolutionaries and imposed government authority across the nation. What is amazing is that only twelve men controlled the CPS, although the CPS was ultimately led by Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794).

What will happen when the economy continues to collapse, hyperinflation devalues our dollar and our president continues to eat Kobi beef and flaunt extravagant birthday parties while dismantling our Constitution? Here is another excerpt concerning the French Revolution when hope and change failed them also:

After the execution of Louis, the National Assembly, now known as the National
Convention, faced enormous problems. The value of paper currency (assignats) used to finance the Revolution had fallen by 50%. There was price inflation, continued food shortages, and various peasant rebellions against the Revolution occurred across the countryside. France was close to civil war.

The consequences of passing legislation and then reading it to find out what is in it may be the beginning of an awakening for an American Restoration. But it could easily lead to another French Revolution if patriots abandon our founding principles as our government has abandoned them.

David DeGerolamo

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Pam Reynolds
Pam Reynolds
12 years ago

I believe it is unconstitutional and as usual nothing will be done about it.

Larry Porter
12 years ago

We know the economy is only going to get worse. As it does, these politicians will invoke all kind of power grabbing in the name of “saving the republic.” Of course none of it will work and finally we will be “ruled” by a select few. Then, and only then, will people finally decide if they like enslavement. But, alas, by then it is too late. There will be no turning back then.
How can a group of patriots (the entire tea party movement) stand by while the VP calls them terrorists because they are trying to save the Republic???

William Sterrett
William Sterrett
12 years ago

Evil, Corrupt, Irresponsible, Immoral, Incompetent……the whole damn lot of them!
In Liberty, Bill

12 years ago

I think the applicable term is actually “extraconstitutional”‘. In case no one has noticed, that is exactly what our entire government has become. Woe to those who face this new age unprepared and ill-educated.