T.L. Davis: A Rose By Any Other Name

I have not written a lot lately, because there is so much happening and what am I going to say, really? Be ready? Have weapons and ammo at the ready? Can I say anything that will not be known by this astute readership? When I write, I want it to mean something. For me to tell you what you should do when you have done it several months ago seems idiotic and I won’t do that. 

What I will say is this. The Trump re-election is a lock. Even if they bring all their resources to bear to corrupt the vote, I think he still wins. He’s converting people I never thought would vote for him and in numbers that are astounding, because he really does care about individual people of all colors, races and creeds. It sounds naive to some, but I think that’s where he is. I have never been a Trump supporter, I don’t really trust the guy or even like him as an individual, but as a president, he’s done more for this country than any other president in my lifetime and I nearly worshipped Reagan, because he had the huevos to shout back at the other GOP lapdogs during a debate. 

What this means, is that whatever nonsense the communists plan after the election is a non-starter. Trump, in a lame duck presidency, will invoke the insurrection act and clean the streets of these punks or allow us to do it for him. One way or another, he recognizes that this burning and looting has to end. I hope he gives the Sinn fein nod of the head to the IRA and unlooses hell. But If Trump loses, from all that I have seen, it will be at the cost of the republic and we know our duty under those circumstances. No Biden will occupy the White House while I live and that I can guarantee. My family is cognizant of that oath. Now, I have made it public, so there is no going back on it. 


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9 months ago

Even if Trump wins re-election, unless something fundamentally changes it’s still just a matter of time before the communist come to power. Eventually, we’re going to have to start breaking things,