T.L. Davis: Not For Me

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A vaccine for thee, but not for me.

The coronavirus vaccine is not a vaccine, it is an injection of these contents, but these do not include graphene oxide. None of the sources I found admitted the inclusion of graphene oxide. If graphene oxide is actually in the injection and not listed or addressed in documentation about the contents, it is a crime against humanity. It’s a violation of the Nuremburg Codes and subject to like punishment, i.e., the Gods of Gravity. NIH explains the benefits of graphene oxide (GO) in this article in February of 2016. So, the idea that graphene oxide would not be considered to deliver the mRNA is ridiculous. And Pfizer with it’s record of accountability suggests otherwise.

In this report, filed in MIT Technology Review in December of 2020, evidence of their bias and manipulation are present. They do, however, admit that it is not your normal “vaccine” but a new way of defending against viruses using mRNA. The lie is put to their “safe and effective” narrative after six to seven months, during which, evidence of the devastating effects of the “vaccine” continue to show up along with the injection’s complete inability to prevent future infections of Covid, as attested in this news report of the fully vaccinated Democrat politicians who fled to Washington D.C. in order to forestall a vote on voter integrity bills before the Texas legislature, three (ultimately five or six) got Covid on the trip. (the sources cited, wherever possible, are intentionally from the opposition or hostile to the point of view of this article)

While the MIT reference tries to imply that the injection is little more than table salt and fat, they are relying on the stupidity of the American people and their unwillingness (they believe an inability) to research their claims and debunk them. The active ingredient is: nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) encoding the viral spike glycoprotein (S) of SARS-CoV-2. If one looks up that ingredient, they might come across a plethora of positive articles concerning the Covid injection. Quickly, one recognizes that there are literally no countering articles in the search (DuckDuckGo). At the same time, there are literally hundreds of posts and articles online describing the dangers of the “vaccine.” As an observer of manipulation of data and the use of algorithms, one might quickly conclude that anything else is being scrubbed from the internet. Or, perhaps they are all correct and the adverse effects of the injection are non-existent.


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Francis W. Porretto
2 years ago

In his book <i>Engines of Creation,</i> nanotechnology booster K. Eric Drexler speculates that a State that has sufficient power and little use for the <i>hoi polloi</i> might use nanotech to eliminate that fraction of the populace it feels it doesn’t need:

States have needed people as workers because human labor has been the necessary foundation of power. What is more, genocide has been expensive and troublesome to organize and execute. Yet, in this century totalitarian states have slaughtered their citizens by the millions. Advanced technology will make workers unnecessary and genocide easy. History suggests that totalitarian states may then eliminate people wholesale. There is some consolation in this. It seems likely that a state willing and able to enslave us biologically would instead simply kill us.


The threat of advanced technology in the hands of governments makes one thing perfectly clear: we cannot afford to have an oppressive state take the lead in the coming breakthroughs.

Nanotechnology would make this simple and relatively low-cost…and we stand at the threshold of nanotechnology, as evidenced by virus engineering.

2 years ago

Another “We don’t need People, the Robots will do all Work” meme, written by someone who can neither Change the Oil in his Car, nor Build a Robot that Could. It never ceases to amaze me how all of these supposed ‘Futurists’ who fantasize about “High Tech” stuff turning the World into a Paradise (for them) Do Not Comprehend the Reality that the More Complex the ‘systems’ become, the Higher the Intelligence of its Creators and Maintainers must be.

For some reason, they think that all the Little Brown Men that (((they))) are forcing into America are going to Improve the average Intelligence, while deliberately trying to Genocide the White Men who Created all the Technology in the First Place. Thus, you see things like the (((jew))) Bezos crowing about Flying in a Rocket for a few minutes in a Suborbital Flight, something that was accomplished in 1961, using No Computers whatsoever to Design the Rocket. The steady ‘Driving Out’ of White Men from the Aerospace Industry has Degraded things to where the Moon Landings will Never be Repeated or Surpassed, until the last of the Parasites have been Removed from the Earth.

2 years ago

Did they really get infected? That a big deal was made of the fact that the reps from TX were not wearing masks, I posit that this event is used to bolster the narrative that masks are effective. Forthwith, UFN, wearing a mask is mandatory.

2 years ago

Isn’t is just plain nuts that trust in government is widely disparaged, yet in the instance of what comes out of their pie hole is in agreement with our own perspectives that the government then becomes believable.


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