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Are the Benghazi Survivors Being Sequestered?

The survivors of the Benghazi attack which cost the lives of four Americans have been in isolation since September 11th. Six months later, they have not testified in Congressional hearings. Why? David DeGerolamo GOP lawmakers threaten to subpoena Benghazi survivors … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Lectures Ben Bernanke

Why ask Ben Bernanke any questions when he testifies at a Congressional hearing? If you are Ron Paul, you know the answers to the financial questions that need to be addressed. Dr. Paul’s example of the value of silver vs. … Continue reading

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Ben Bernanke: Who’s Lying Now?

Ben Bernanke does not know that the United States share of the IMF is 17.70%? Although he was correct when he said the Tim Geithner is the US governor to the IMF, he neglected to mention that he is the … Continue reading

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