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Ham Radio Classes – Murphy, North Carolina

Jim Howard will do a ten week ham radio class in Murphy, NC. The first class will tentatively be on Thursday, March 12 if 8 people sign up. Last year’s schedule is shown below. Communications is a valuable asset and … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Crisis Communications Planning for the Prepper

From SurvivalBlog.com: In the words of the fictional character Jeff Trasel from the novel “Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse”: “If you don’t have Com, you don’t have jaaack”. The subject of radio communications as it relates to … Continue reading

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Why Should I Get A Ham Radio License?

The following article gives an excellent explanation of why any serious prepper should get their technician level license. I agree that the general license should be the goal of anyone who is serious about communications in an economic collapse. As … Continue reading

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FoxNews Got It Wrong


Foxnews’ article about the number of ham radio licenses being at an all-time high missed the real point. The article’s premise is that the new record licenses show an increase of people participating in  this “hobby”. The real reason people … Continue reading

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How Important Is A Communications Network?

How would your life be impacted by a loss of communications? Imagine no television, radio, Internet, land or cell phones, or newspapers. A loss of electricity due to a hurricane would impact any communications that are not battery based. A … Continue reading

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