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The 5 stages of Grieving/Loss Process In Relationship To The Battle for Our Republic – Part 2

The first article outlining the five stages of grieving for our Republic was posted in February, 2011. It is time to revisit the thoughts outlined in that article again. Why now? People sensed something was wrong when Barack Obama became … Continue reading

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Weak Tea or Hard Tea?

Henderson County Tea Party SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR MITT ROMNEY Now is the time to join Mitt Romney as he travels through NC.  He will be in High Point NC, for a special event on Sunday, Aug 12th. We plan to carpool, … Continue reading

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A World with no Liberals…

I am very proud to have your trust in our III Arms Project, and that is where I am devoting my spare energy. I want our prototypes built, refined and ready for production ASAP. I often assign myself timelines that … Continue reading

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This Is How America Will Lose

I received the following email today from a “Tea Party” leader in North Carolina. I did not edit the misspelled words or content.  Please read my thoughts after this request: The NAACP is making this election a completely racist endevor.   If … Continue reading

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Hard Tea T-Shirts

This is a design for Hard Tea T-shirts for the III Percent Liberty Movement. Thoughts? David DeGerolamo

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