Tea Party Insanity

I was forwarded the following  information from the Crystal Coast Tea Party. Anyone who still believes that a political party which is jointly responsible for our nation’s collapse will also provide the solution is just plain STUPID or INSANE. If this is the best option that a Tea Party Group can propose as an action plan, I suggest that its members either leave or replace its vain and aspiring leaders.

Too harsh. Not as harsh as what our children will face if we do not stand up to tyranny.

David DeGerolamo

Important – Republican Precinct Meetings

Republican Precinct Meetings are being held tomorrow, Saturday, February 23, 2013. The chart below provides contact information, locations, and times for the meetings.

You MUST be a registered Republican to participate in the Republican Precinct Meetings.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? All politics is local. In order to affect politics at the state and national level, you must be able to affect the politics in Carteret County. We need to elect CONSERVATIVES at every level, and that begins in your precinct. Become a delegate in your precinct and help elect conservatives at the Carteret County Convention on March 16 in Morehead City (more info to come).

HOW MUCH TIME IS INVOLVED? Not much. The precinct meetings should last only 1 to 2 hours, then you can take care of your other business on Saturday. Such a little time to make sure we elect officials who represent Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets. Later, on March 16 at the convention, another few hours, and you’re done unless you want to be more active.

Questions? Reply to this email, or call the numbers on the flyer.

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9 years ago

I had doubts from the beginning about a movement of middle aged, middle class white people. They’re the status quo, after all, and have the most to lose. Then, after they got all those reps elected in 2010 and nothing happened, I quit paying attention.

The fed and probably state level are lost, but county and municipal governments might be worth putting some effort into. If there are any good people out there willing to run.

9 years ago

You would think some people would wake up. both parties are the same. Nothing changes for the better constitutionally when either party has had power. or share power. Why would anybody want to get involved with the corruption?

william Sterrett
william Sterrett
9 years ago

Unfortunately the Haywood County 9-12/Tea Party plan is just the same as that of Crystal Coast Tea Party. The republican party. Sad, really sad. In Liberty, Bill