Testing The Threshold


They are testing the threshold of society’s tolerance for banking outages, here, in the UK, and EU.  There have been more major bank “outages” in the last 2 years than in the previous decade, folks.  Please be prepared – have actual cash money in your possession; have enough physical currency for 30 days of your normal household operations, should there be an extended outage of electronic banking, or a “bank holiday” such as the people of Cyprus are presently suffering.  It *CAN* happen here.  It *WILL* happen here, it is just a matter of time.

An amazing number of these outages seem to happen on Friday, and prevent access to accounts over a weekend, when bank branches are closed.  This is exactly what was done in Cyprus – shut down electronic access to all accounts on a Friday after the bank’s offices close… and do not restore services until after the confiscation has been effected.  People’s paychecks were deposited, the “outage” and confiscation happened, and then they were given access to what remained in the account.

All “retail banking” is nothing more than a thread-bare veil over the money laundering arm of TPTB, giving them the ability to seize your assets at will.  There is no excuse for not being prepared; IT IS COMING soon.


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