The Blood Of Patriots

Yesterday, Ashli Babbitt was shot in the neck and died while protesting inside the Capitol with other protestors. A group of angry Trump supporters had got into the building and were making a racket. This is not an unusual occurrence. During the Kavanaugh hearings, Democrats organized mobs of screeching women to harass Republicans in the halls of the Capitol. Party media was there to celebrate it as the purest expression of democracy. It was power to the people time.

That was not the case yesterday, according to the media. Instead, it was a direct threat to “our” democracy. This is a bit ironic in that the protests are over the obvious corruption in the election system. The direct threat to democracy is the people demanding their elections be fair and honest. That’s why Ashli Babbitt was inside the Capitol making a racket. Her whole life she had been told this was how citizens angry at their government demand redress when the system fails.

That is how popular government is supposed to work. The people expect their government to be responsive to the will of the people. When they don’t like that they see, they vote for different people to hold office. If those politicians ignore the people, then the people go bang on their door and demand redress of their grievances. The politicians then come out and address their issues. That’s not it works now. Instead, they open fire on the people like they did yesterday.

Ashli Babbitt was not some drug-addled degenerate, like we saw last summer, when the ruling class unleashed their mobs on us. She was a veteran, serving 14 years in the US Air Force, and she was a high-level security official throughout her time in service. She was like most of the people at the protest, in that she had bought into what she was told about America. So much so she signed onto serve in the military and go overseas in various deployments.

Like most of the protestors, she was there because she had spent her life playing by the rules and defending those rules. She was there because the people in charge of maintaining the rules have been violating those rules. They ignored the official corruption in the 2016 election and they laughed about the grotesque fraud that was plainly obvious in the 2020 election. Like the rest of those protestors, she was angry that the politicians were not following the rules.

For her trouble, she died in a pool of her own blood inside what is supposed to be the people’s house in America. It is a bit ironic that a citizen exercising her rights would be murdered by an agent of a corrupt system that is now infringing on her rights. Murder is the right word here. The man who shot her was under no threat and was on the other side of a locked and barricaded door. The murderer was part of Vice President Pence’s security detail. The video, for those interested, is here.

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3 years ago

Sigh……….Battle lines are being clearly drawn, but our foes don’t show themselves.
Rather than a long list of those opposing Liberty, a very short list of those embracing Liberty would be a helluva lot simpler.
It’s quickly becoming clear that list is us, and our intrepid President.
I’m not too certain about anybody else.
Godspeed, Ashli. You are an inspiration.

3 years ago

I do not believe those were Trump supporters who rioted and broke into the Capitol Building. I watched them on television and online, and from every thing I witnessed, they were using the exact same tactics as ANTIFA and BLM, and I will bet that is exactly who they were. I have watched just about all of Trumps rallies in the past and I have never seen any of his supporters riot, threaten, destroy property or shoot up a place. I honestly believe that the leftist groups, ANTIFA and BLM infiltrated the Trump rally, and if Pence and members of Trump’s administration or anyone else in Congress, go ahead with their plans to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from Office or impeach him before his term is up in three weeks, they will push his supporters to rise up. Every member of Congress, every State governor and election officials, and every court KNEW there was wide spread voter fraud and overt violation of Constitutional election laws, but they all chose to ignore it. You all had your chance to make things right yesterday, but you all felt it was better to sell out your own constituents and your country. Your day of reckoning is coming, and all I can say is May God have mercy on your souls because those of us whom you screwed over, will NOT

3 years ago

Why didn’t the Mayor call social workers to de-escalate the situation?

Gary Peacock
Gary Peacock
3 years ago

I am so sick of Patriots who were not at the Capitol yesterday blaming the violence on patriots. It was clearly Antifa/BLM dressed as Trump supporters, in collusion with Capitol police. Please, editors of NCRenegade,, stop allowing this BS.