The Book You’ll Want to Read Before It Disappears

National and global crises are seen as opportunities by government technocrats, billionaire oligarchs, Big Pharma, Big Data, Big Media and the military industrial intelligence apparatus to increase their power and wealth

Incitement of fear has been a central strategy of totalitarian systems for millennia. Demagogues weaponize fear to justify demands for blind obedience and to win public acquiescence for the demolition of civil and economic rights

The technocrats’ plan, as laid out in various papers and reports, is to use bioterrorism to take control of the world’s resources, wealth and people

That pandemic measures are not about protecting public health and saving lives can be ascertained by the fact that no cost-benefit calculations for any of the measures have ever been presented. They are merely tools for control

The “scientific consensus” the medical technocracy wants you to believe in is that vaccines are the only available answer to this pandemic. The reality is there are many alternatives, and all of them are far safer than the experimental COVID-19 gene therapies being given. Two of the most important are vitamin D optimization and nebulized peroxide. I review many others in “The Truth About COVID-19”.

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Multiple New York Times best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association, team up to expose the truth–and end the madness–about COVID-19.

Since early 2020, the world has experienced a series of catastrophic events–a global pandemic caused by what appears to be an engineered coronavirus; international lockdowns and border closings causing widespread business closures, economic collapse, and massive unemployment; and an unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties and freedoms in the name of keeping people safe by locking them up in their homes.

We are now living in a world that is increasingly ruled, not by our democratic systems and institutions, but by public health fiat, carried out by politicians who rule by instilling fear and panic.

In The Truth About COVID-19, Dr. Mercola and Cummins reveal new and emerging evidence that:

  • The SARS-CoV-2 virus was, indeed, lab-engineered and emerged from a negligently managed bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China
  • The global pandemic was long anticipated by global elites who have used it to facilitate and hide the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history
  • PCR testing, case counts, morbidity, and vaccine safety and efficacy data have been widely manipulated and misrepresented
  • Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are known to worsen COVID-19 outcomes, but the junk food industry continues to push its agenda at the expense of public health
  • Safe, simple, and inexpensive treatment and prevention for COVID-19 have been censored and suppressed to create a clear path for vaccine acceptance
  • Effectiveness of the vaccines has been wildly exaggerated and major safety questions have gone unanswered

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2 years ago

No question this “Plandemic” is very handy for the Leftist/globalists. The Left is pushing it so hard it makes me even more suspicious of the motives.

Stomp Grifting Mutts
Stomp Grifting Mutts
2 years ago

What’s your cut of the profits?
I don’t need to read a book, to utilize my God given common sense and understand the world around me.

2 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Sad man… You’re right though

2 years ago

They have NEVER pushed anyone to buy anything! You’re obviously new here!

2 years ago

All you need is a ZPAC, zinc and vitamin D!! THIS WILL KILL COVID! My family member had it and his friend a scientist told him..IT WORKED!