The Election Proved Americans Have No Representation in the Government

Democrat Proposes Tying $1,500 Stimulus Checks To COVID Vaccinations

With Democrats and Republicans still stuck at an impasse on stimulus negotiations, one Maryland Congressman and erstwhile presidential candidate named John Delaney has engineered a novel strategy for killing two birds with one stone: dispersing another round of stimulus funds, while ensuring that enough Americans consent to receiving the vaccine that the US can quickly top the roughly 70% immunity threshold at which point scientists believe the vaccine will stop propagating.

And that plan is: Offering Americans a $1,500 “incentive payment” to acquiesce to receiving both doses of the vaccine. Delaney argued that the plan would benefit all Americans, even those who still refuse, because it might help the country crush the virus more quickly.



Our forefathers fought a revolution based on no taxation without representation. I cannot imagine their response to forced vaccinations, restricted freedom if not vaccinated and now receiving payments to get a vaccination. For a manmade pandemic which a growing amount of people are now realizing was just a means to an end. And that end is the literal end of the Republic.

It is not a stretch of anyone’s imagination to see that the disenfranchisement of the majority of American voters means no representation in the government. So why should we continue to pay over half of the fruits of our labor to taxation and regulations designed to provide for the political elite and social engineering?

The question has been simplified for the people: how much longer will we support tyranny?

David DeGerolamo

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Duck Welch
Duck Welch
10 months ago

I am one of the ones who was deemed Uneligible for the first Stimulus package, My problem is when they decide to raise our taxes to pay that money back I will also pay…. again for something I did not get or want or ask for.. Now they want to offer you $1500.00 for a Vaccine that has no research behind it, the long term effects wont be known for 15-20 years. I’ll be damed if I sell myself out and conform to the left and take this bullshit vaccine!

10 months ago

HAHAHA,the people of america are a special class of sheep,THEY LOVE the idea of being EATEN BY THE WOLVES,and they will take the VACCINES like the good sheep they are,THEY LOVE THE DEVILS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY and they trust them no matter how IN YOUR FACE THEY ARE WITH TREASON…OUR FATHER TOLD THE MEN TO STAND UP AND FIGHT THESE DEVILS..,sadly there aren’t any,KISS your guns,property,vehicles,and children good by,your hero’s will be coming,AND if you hurt them,all your family will think Your the bad guy…