The Future of Amerika

If you want to see what Amerika will look like when the change to Socialism is completed, look to Greece.

Amerikan Checklist:

  1. Incompetent and corrupt political leaders
  2. Unsound fiscal policy
  3. Unsound monetary policy
  4. Shadow government waiting to be installed
  5. Foreign interests controlling our country’s banking system (Federal Reserve)
  6. Implementation of censorship (SOFA and PIPA)
  7. Ability to arrest citizens by labeling them as terrorists (NDAA)
  8. Decreased purchasing power (gas up 83% in three years)
  9. Media and government using propaganda concerning economic conditions (unemployment figures)
  10. Militarization of police

We are one Black Swan away from becoming Greece. Do you want to go dumpster diving for food like the middle class in Greece is now forced to do?

David DeGerolamo

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10 years ago

Can’t get enough of him. Posted.

10 years ago

I’m sorry but I don’t see it the way the speaker lays it out. The Greeks have only themselves to blame for their predicament. They are the ones that borrowed and spent into oblivion. Now they are whining that they have to go hat in hand to foreign governments to slow the inevitable and there are conditions to bailing them out? They are finding out what the consequences of slavery to debt are.
What does the speaker want to do? Turn them loose to attempt more borrowing? They sold their sovereignty for a mess of porridge!

10 years ago
Reply to  Theseus

Get rid of the Euro.