The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down Concerning Drones

Foreign Enemies And TraitorsCharles Krauthammer has made a unusual statement: the first American who uses his or her 2nd amendment right to shoot down a drone will be considered a folk hero. While the logistics to shoot down a high altitude drone make this an impossible task, the more expedient method would be to blow them up while on the ground. Read the last book in the Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy to gain a proper perspective of drones over US soil.

David DeGerolamo

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12 years ago

When the faces of Obama, Holder, Geitner, Piven, and the rest grace the backs of playing cards, and the front is emblazoned with the words, “America’s Most Wanted”, we will be headed in the right direction… drones, however, are great targets of opportunity at any time ;P

12 years ago
Reply to  LT

Obama sure will be caught off guard when he’s on the wanted posters, he thinks he’s going to be on Mt. Rushmore.
I read somewhere last week that they used drones to assist the police in a raid on a pig farm. The owner ended up having to shoot all of his pigs?? Why pigs, do you think.? Why kill them in the first place?
The comment made above is so right. I bet it would be one of our Deliverance guys. Down here they all have the same last name.


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