The House Passes a Continuing Resolution for Uncontrolled Spending

The House of Representatives passed another continuing resolution for funding the government since we still have no budget. More Democrats opposed this than Republicans:

On the final vote of 271 to 158, 186 Republicans and 85 Democrats supported the budget extension; 54 Republicans and 104 Democrats opposed it.

Representative Harold Rogers, the Kentucky Republican who is chairman of the Appropriations Committee, stated:

“We will have cut over $10 billion in the span of two weeks. That sets a record. That has never been done before in this body.”

Mr. Rogers must not have gotten the memo that our government’s deficit for February was $223 billion. If the total US debt was $100, this cut would represent less than one penny. I have a problem with politicians who just dance around the issue of our impending economic collapse. Is this what you expected from the new House of Representatives?

Click here to find out what our president thinks about this issue.

David DeGerolamo

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11 years ago

The House Passes a Continuing Resolution for Uncontrolled Spending ……

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11 years ago

The House Passes A Continuing Resolution For Uncontrolled Spending…

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