The Long Emergency with James Howard Kunstler

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13 days ago

Not in our lifetime will we get it done.

12 days ago

Nothing but Scare Porn Propaganda. Oil is an abiotic product and is actually quite plentiful. In Ohio our Government is racing to cap old oil wells and gas fields as fast as they can to secure the lie that we’re running out…we’re not. Ten years ago the state of Ohio went back to old capped wells to see if anything occurred…it did they started filling up again with oil. Considering Ohio and PA were some of the first states to dig for oil this find was amazing. A farmer I know has wells on his property and was told by gov representatives his wells would be capped immediately and said they were being capped for “their use” and when pressured asking who “they” were…they said Chinese. Its all politics and control. Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”