The October Surprise That Wasn’t

US Military Reveals Coup Plan To Topple Obama

The October Surprise that would put the election contest to bed for one of the candidates did not happen. Whether this was the result of the media suppression (or intimidation) from the Obama camp, I think a large amount of people are disappointed that the rumors of an October surprise did not manifest. So where does that leave us? Let’s review possible scenarios for the election in order of their severity.

1. Romney wins with a large percentage of the vote resulting in a “mandate”. This will result in “civil unrest” in the larger inner cities at the provocation of the labor unions and other “community organizing” groups like the New Black Panthers and the Black Bloc. The extent of the unrest will depend on “if” Eric Holder will give them even more protection than he has in the past. This civil unrest will extend for a period of time once people realize the cost of the sacrifices necessary to even start restoring the country’s future.

2. Romney wins but the election is contested by Obama. No winner is declared and the process of “evaluating” the election results drags on for several weeks. If this happens and the winner is not declared by December 1, the stock market will undergo a severe correction due to the uncertainty of the tax increase for capital gains that are scheduled for January 2. The uncertainty will impact retail Christmas sales and the economy will contract. Civil unrest will break out and will continue to escalate the longer the evaluation lasts. The uncertainty in our economy and political structure will be an opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to build their Caliphate and/or al Qaeda will be emboldened to carry out acts of terrorism against the West.

3. Obama is re-elected. The military will overthrow the government in a short period of time. The first republic of the United States is officially over.

So let’s consider scenario number 3 in more context.

a. The foreign policy of this administration is a failure but let’s concentrate on Benghazi, Libya. There has been no public outcry from the military for leaving four Americans to die. Why? They are hoping that Romney will win the election and their nightmare over the past four years will be over. With the elections so close, they have decided to bide their time: the media and the administration are doing the best to contain this tragedy from the general public.

b. General Carter Ham was relieved as AFRICOM commander and Admiral Charles M. Gaouette was relieved of command of the USS Stennis carrier group. According to rumors, they were going to ignore orders to stand down and were going to launch a rescue mission on 9/11 for Benghazi. The admiral was supposedly relieved in less than 60 seconds once he made the decision to mount a rescue attempt. At this point, the person who issued the orders to stand down has not been identified. This is a short list: who has the ability to relieve a general and an admiral of their commands?

But there is supposedly no command structure interaction between Gen. Ham and Admiral Gauoette. The timing is suspect as is the secrecy surrounding their removals.

c. The fallguy director of the Internet movie responsible for the administration’s initial story of protesters attacking the consulate and safe house is still in jail. I must believe that our military commanders are not going to wait for their knock on the door as the Congressional hearings start and the administration starts to panic. And again, no one is asking who made up this story.

d. David Petraeus has denied any CIA involvement in this cover up and Hillary Clinton has retained legal counsel for Congressional hearings. Some people are openly questioning the military’s oath to the Constitution and their honor in this action.  I have to believe that most of our military is not as corrupt as Washington, D.C. and that duty and honor are still paramount in their hearts.

 An Obama victory will ensure the same level of justice as Fast and Furious from Eric Holder. The president will invoke executive privilege, suppress information and threaten everyone involved. What do you think moral men of honor will do to protect our country?

One fact cannot be argued: this is no longer the republic that our forefathers gave us. And I pray that I am completely wrong this time next week.

David DeGerolamo

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11 years ago

Excellent and posted.

William Millard
William Millard
11 years ago

As usual David, you’re assessment of the situation is spot on! I have posted on my FB page for my Patriot friends.