The Racial Divide and Its Consequences



Update: Here is a current picture of Trayvon Martin at seventeen instead of the four year old picture that the media is using.

The tragic death of Trayvon Martin has brought the racial divide in the country to the surface. What the nation tried to sweep under the carpet when Eric Holder stated that he would not charge his people for voter intimidation has now brought forth blatant racism in America. The New Black Panthers have placed a bounty on a man without any repercussions. A man who has not been charged with a crime is forced to go into hiding for fear of his life. In America? These are the consequences of dividing America but for what purpose?

Our county’s strength has always been our unity. We had a common language, economic system and dream. This American dream has been shattered in a concerted effort to weaken our country economically and socially by our own government. This effort would never succeed if we are united as Americans but dividing us along racial and economic lines will allow them to accomplish their goals. Lenin would be proud of the “useful idiots” on Occupy Wall Street and those being led by racism.

As much as the press and black leaders want to make this a white vs. black issue, there is no way to defend this position since Mr. Zimmerman is Hispanic. Does a race war between blacks and Latinos fit their goals? I believe any crisis will fit their goals and will not be allowed to go to waste. When the Nazis came for their targets one group at a time, the German people did not stand up and suffered the consequences. It appears that the first group that the administration is targeting is the Latino group. Where is the outcry from the Latino group? That is why they will be the first to be attacked. Once the chaos starts, which group will be in the crosshairs next?

As more information is released concerning this case, it is also becoming apparent that facts will not alter the actions set in motion to divide us. America’s future can only be assured by staying united under God. Although this is obvious, no one is standing up for what is right in a country whose rule of law was the envy of the world. I have one question to ask the people calling for the head of Mr. Zimmerman: what is your plan if you succeed? I have one question for America: what is our plan to stop a lynch mob mentality fabricated to destroy our social fabric?

David DeGerolamo

Police: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow, then began hammering his head

With a single punch, Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times, leaving him bloody and battered, authorities have revealed to the Orlando Sentinel.

That is the account Zimmerman gave police, and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say.

Zimmerman has not spoken publicly about what happened, but that night, Feb. 26, and in later meetings he described and re-enacted for police what he says happened.

In his version of events, he had turned around and was walking back to his SUV when Trayvon approached him from behind, the two exchanged words then Trayvon punched him in the nose, sending him to the ground, and began beating him.

Zimmerman told police he shot the teenager in self-defense.

Civil rights leaders and thousands of others have demanded Zimmerman’s arrest, calling Trayvon a victim of racial profiling and Zimmerman a vigilante.

Trayvon was an unarmed black teenager who had committed no crime, they say, who was gunned down while walking back from a 7-Eleven with nothing more sinister than a package of Skittles and can of Arizona iced tea.

Supporters have held rallies in Sanford, Miami, New York and Tallahassee, calling the case a tragic miscarriage of injustice.

Activist Al Sharpton headlined a rally in Sanford Thursday that drew an estimated 8,000 people. The Rev. Jesse Jackson yesterday spoke at an Eatonville church, where he called Trayvon a martyr.


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9 years ago

This child you show is NOT 13 anymore! He is a grown man 6’2, an aspiring football player. Where is that picture? Every mom remembers their child’s smile, that twinckle in their eye. But this was a grown man. He chose his path and to protray him as he “was” then ,is not giving the clear picture now.

BTW his mom trade marked his name today!!!!!! For crying out loud what for? a NEW LINE OF HOODIES?

Indeed there is a wrench thrown in here with a “As much as the press and black leaders want to make this a white vs. black issue, there is no way to defend this position since Mr. Zimmerman is Hispanic.”

They will find a way and when that happens “Lord” please have mercy.

joey combs
joey combs
8 years ago

Kid wasn’t 6’2″, he was 5’11”. Either way, both participants were wrong to some extent and one paid dearly for it. But the 6’2″ picture was a lie, by conservatives (or whoever it was that posted it), and the liberal pics were lies in that they were only showing him as just a mere child of 5 to 10 years old. The fact is, 17 years old is still a kid. How many of us consider our kid grown at 17? That I know of he wasn’t a gang member or street kid, just a regular old teenager (all of whom are out looking for some sort of trouble at some point). I don’t know a true right or wrong answer as to what should happen. I know that leaders can’t just let mob violence rule. I know that there can’t be personal bounties put on American citizens (or SHOULDN’T) without those guys being arrested. The facts of the case are a boy was killed and one guy claims it was self defense. To me killing someone who is unarmed with a weapon should almost always be punished in some form. Remember when we used to take our lumps, like a man? However it’s hard to say when a situation goes to a life or death situation.