The Source is the Enemy

Vandalized Hollywood sign now reads 'Hollyweed' - NEWS 1130

There is a war being waged, but it’s an unconventional war. It’s a war of information, of inputs and outcomes. It’s as deadly as any other war, because control of this flow of information determines the direction of the nation, can raise the prospect of genocide among neighbors. It can put a few “authorized” voices in place to speak for the whole medical or scientific community, drowning out all other voices, especially those telling the truth. It’s a war that people like Zuckerberg learned to fight a long time before the opposition.

It has been a source of continual vexation that most of the people involved in the war, the soldiers, randomly fire their weapons in the general direction of the enemy with hopes of hitting something and often hit those on their side, contributing to the enemy’s efforts. They simply do not understand the battlefield. They are a disorganized bunch, lacking discipline and order and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be, that is the messy nature of individuality and freedom, but recognizing that one’s small voice is part of a bigger effort would be of great help to everyone else. 

The media is coordinated, cooperative and all guided in one direction to use all of its weapons: misinformation, disinformation, deception, mischaracterization, mislabeling against the truth, against Trump, against patriots and their messages. They use a narrative like a battleship. Even when the lies and misinformation have been revealed, it does not change course, because it seeks a destination, no matter how many small caliber holes are put into the hull.


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5 days ago

I read as mush as I can about the crap in which we are drowning. One thing I know for sure. Our side cannot ever hope to achieve a talking, propaganda, expose (as in “a”) victory. Unless there is massive, coordinated elimination of key targets we will not see any results. Talk is worthless to the resistance unless it motivates. And talk doesn’t even faze the opposition.

5 days ago

“Hollywood” is another wholly-owned Propaganda Asset of the (((jews))).
Face the Facts, it is the zionist/ashkenazi/bolshevik “communists” ‘Driving the Narrative’ from every possible ‘Media Source’.
Until You figure out that the ‘Left/Right’ paradigm is OWNED and CONTROLLED by the bankster parasite class, You will remain Misinformed, Uninformed, and Propagandized into believing Lies, even when the Truth is Staring You in the Face.
A Perfect Example? the Denial by the (((media))) that a Magnet can Stick to the Arm of someone who has been “vaccinated”. The Denial Of Fact is at the Root of any Propaganda Effort.

5 days ago

It’s called an INFOWAR…

gail jansen
gail jansen
4 days ago

Two businesses were successful during the depression and other serious economic downturns, local stage productions and movie houses; and beauty salons. When everything goes to heck, people will turn to entertainment to relieve the bleak environment. The women will somehow save the pennies necessary to go get their hair done. It is a survival mechanism, Having said that, this post is right in what they are saying. They have a plan of attack to survive and maybe even be effective.
The individual people in Hollywood and Southern California are so far out in the stratosphere of their own imaginations that they can’t even poop. (I’m thinking of when they were all running out to have wheatgrass planted into their colons. We think wearing a mask is an infringement but these traumatized sheeple are exploited everyday and think it makes them special.) Remember, it was a God who sent a mudslide through the middle of Montecito a couple of years back, that simply washed several of these major players and their homes right out into Highway 101 and then into the sea. They may have have CCP billions to play with but they individually wither if you call them for what they are, “Ugly and washed up!”. Even the likes of de Caprio and Pitt blanch when society editors say they look bad in their sweats at the coffee shop. Hollywood actors are soft targets if an audience turns on them individually…much less takes ‘good’ parts to another market. Think about it.