The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism

h/t Dee Sams

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2 years ago

The problem, as I see it, with the Europeans not recognizing the deadly consequences of consorting with Moslems is due to one singular fact: Those who have no religious beliefs themselves think that all religions are the same, and less than 3 % of Europeans are regular church attendees. Thus, the non-religious Europeans think: “the Presbyterians, and the Catholics, and the Jews, and the Zoroasters, the Buddists, and the Moslems are all about the same and are benign, so we can accept them as one of “us” and we can live with them like we would live with them if we went to their homelands……”

The political correctness of the socialist states of Europe (AND they are all SOCIALISTS) prevents the truthful from speaking factually about the dangers of Islam. They call it HATE SPEECH !!

Terrible loss of two pretty girls but totally predictable if anyone studied the facts about Moslems instead of acting on emotions (“…these are darker skinned people so we have to show how much we LOVE them and want them to be just like us….”)