The truth about redistricting

Hal Weatherman

February 3 at 9:21 AM · 

The truth about redistricting:

With the State Supreme Court hearing the redistricting case this week, I thought it a good time to share an enlightening story. In January of 2017, former Lt. Governor Dan Forest was starting his second term as Lt. Governor. Governor Cooper was just beginning his first term. Never before in our state’s history had a Republican Lt. Governor served under a Democrat Governor. Gov. Cooper called Dan his first week in office and asked a favor. He asked that Dan attend the dedication ceremony for the American Revolution museum in Philadelphia to represent the state. The organizers of the event had invited the Governors of the original 13 colonies and our Governor couldn’t attend. In the spirit of bi-partisanship, Dan accepted and went to Philly to represent our state. I went with him.

On the first night of our arrival, we were invited to dinner by former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, as were the other Governors of the original 13 colonies. The Governor of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc were present. If my memory is correct, Rhode Island sent their Lt. Governor too. At the dinner, Dan and I were seated, me next to Governor Rendell and Dan next to Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia.

Reminder: Both Rendell and McAuliffe, in addition to being Governors, are both former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and of course Terry McAuliffe was a close confidant of the Clinton family.

Very quickly in the dinner, it was clear the group had no clue that Dan and I were Republican. All of them were Democrats.

As the night went on and the wine was served, the conversations obviously turned very political.

At one point, Terry McAuliffe interrupted the private convos and said “hey guys, since we are all here, let’s talk some business…” and then proceeded to share how he was working with Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Soros to fully fund an entity that was going to go into Republican states and sue the general assemblies of all the Republican led states on redistricting. He said Eric Holder was going to run it. Mind you, this was January of 2017 and he was laying out a plan, not based on any maps that had been drawn or anything concrete. He openly talked about how they were going to judge shop to friendly liberal judges and will win some and lose some, but regardless will win a public relations victory at worst as when they are finished, at least they would label Republicans as racist bigots. Everyone was interested and supportive. Dan and I glanced at each other and kicked each other under the table. He whispered under his breath “they don’t know we are Republican”. We laughed to ourselves. After this very informative briefing, everyone went back to their private conversations. At that point, Terry asked Dan how it was presiding over a “Right Wing” general assembly. Dan said: “It’s great!” Terry laughed, thinking he was joking. Then he asked Dan how his first term was going. Dan said my first term was great, and my second term is starting strong. Terry said, “I mean your first term as Lt. Governor.” Dan said, “My first term as Lt. Governor was great, and my second term as Lt. Governor is starting great too!” Terry said, “but Pat McCrory was Governor last term.. and you…. you… wait a minute, are you in your second term as Lt. Governor?” Dan said, “yes, you know I’m a Republican right?”

At that moment, Terry’s face lost all blood. The whole room got quiet. Terry said: “Hey guys, umm Dan here is a Republican.” The room stayed quiet for an awkward few seconds, which felt like an hour, then Terry said: ” about that redistricting stuff… we just want to be fair.”

At that, Dan said, “Gentleman have a good night, and we walked out the door.”

I have thought about this encounter many times throughout the redistricting lawsuits and especially now while the Democrat led Supreme Court presides over the redistricting case.

I wonder if people really understand that all this is about power, plain and simple.

From day one, the suits were aimed at dividing us as a people, black from white and Republican vs. Democrat. Divide and conquer, sue just because they could, not because it was merited. The suits were planned nearly 4 years prior to the first map drawn.

I wish that key demographic groups, that the Democrat party routinely takes for granted, could have been in the room hearing their elected leaders (all white) using them as pawns in a political chess game… with no regards to the merits of the allegations they were already preparing to make, with no regards to them as a people, their dreams, aspirations, struggles and beliefs. They were just a demographic to mobilize.

I left with a sick feeling and that says a lot, as I’ve been around this game for a while. These guys weren’t concerned with building a better country or healing divisions or bringing people together for a common goal… they were not concerned with racial justice or equality or being “fair”, they were just laying out a plan to smear innocent people to get power. That’s it. That’s what all this nonsense is about. We deserve better. My prayer is that Americans start to see through those who wish to divide us (I include the media in this too) and start to think for themselves with discernment. We would be a better country if we did so.

This is a true story. I was there. I’m glad Terry McAuliffe lost the Governorship of Virginia. Good riddance. His race baiting ways at least ensnared him in his own trap.

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a follower, working on it.
a follower, working on it.
1 year ago

Ensnaring them in their own traps is what we must do.
Constitutional carry bill Co authored by a “Republican.” Liz Brown
Effectively stopped by the same “Republican.”
Doubleminded and deceitful wherever we turn. Happening in many venues.
Min. 14:05 -- 16:00to how the dirty politics is played. 
Why would you have a hearing but not give a vote on a Bill you co- sponsored?
Tis a good thing our rights do not begin nor end with them.

Last edited 1 year ago by a follower, working on it.
1 year ago

Unfortunately coloreds will always be good pawns of the Left.
Whites are the only race that supports conservative issues in the majority, which is why the Left is replacing us with more easily controlled races. They’ve stated this themselves.