The Woman in the Red Dress Is Just a Distraction

The analogy is obvious:

How do we eliminate distractions from our lives since propaganda by our government and media have taken over our sources of information? Don’t believe it? What are you focusing on for your efforts to have a secure future? Elections? The price of your portfolio? Or maybe even some preparedness protocols?

Are you watching the crucifixions in Egypt? Do you know that Egypt has tanks in the Sinai at the Israeli border? Who is suppressing the price of gold and silver? Why are countries stockpiling gold in their treasuries? Is Syria about to release chemical weapons of mass destruction? Why is the government limiting withdrawals from money market accounts under certain conditions?

Are you trapped in a matrix of distractions? As this movie clip shows, distractions will get you killed – by a hollow point bullet. Protect yourself and focus on what is important.

David DeGerolamo

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