The world is laughing at us

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a follower
a follower
1 month ago

The ‘world?’
The world is laughing at america? Why? what is going to happen when we finally collapse? This will not go well for us nor them!
we, (followers) were told (warned) about the world, the direction it (they) would go!

1 month ago
Reply to  a follower

Some of them Definitely know… we have a lot of people pulling for America, HOPING THE PEOPLE FIGHT BACK! Unfortunately, it seems like things will go as they say though so far. Def seems We’re far done with “fair elections” soooo, what’s left to do??
‘They” own too much of Gov All Over🌎 and only a handful of corps that control most all the worlds products. The elites actually want us erased! If people don’t realize faster, whewww….
Who actually trust the FDA or has a scientific person on hand to test everything they consume? I just had my multivitamin recalled for having “small metal mesh” inside them. Ever heard of such a thing….?