“There are NO Ukrainians here, the media are lying” – Patrick Lancaster reports

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Citizen Joe
Citizen Joe
11 months ago

7 days a week I go to pro Russian sites. I don’t need to go to pro Ukrainian sites. I get that all day on the MSM. It evens out the bias. The situation on the front line is fluid. Troops move forward, then pull pull back as need be. If this is the Ukrainian offensive, it’s the last military offensive they will probably ever be able mount. They’re getting absolutely slaughtered. The Ukrainians are throwing pretty much everything they have at the Russian front line right now. But they haven’t been able to get through the first of the three Russian defensive lines. The Russians don’t have to attack. The Ukrainians come to them. It’s been that way for several months now. Russians don’t have to worry about their own supply chain. It isn’t stretched out at all. The Ukrainians are short of supplies and men. The Russians have all they need. I’m actually surprised that the Russians haven’t mobilized more troops, in case NATO gets even more stupid.