They Promised “Safe And Effective”; We Got “Sudden And Unexpected”

Authored by Mark Jeftovic via,

We’re one tragedy away from pitchforks & torches…

“No one must ever ask where another rabbit was, and anyone who asked ‘Where?’ – must be silenced.”

In the story Watership Down a group of rabbits flee their home warren of Sandleford, ahead of its imminent destruction at the hands of real estate developers. They set out looking for a safe, new home and among their adventures they encounter another warren called Cowslip. There, all the rabbits are uncharacteristically large, affable and seemingly well fed. For awhile, the Sandleford rabbits think they’ve found a safe haven.

There’s only one problem: every once in awhile one of the the rabbits goes missing. It turns out the entire warren is on a farmer’s land who feeds and otherwise takes care of them, but then sets out snares and traps them from time to time for their pelts.

There is only one rule at Cowslip’s Warren, nobody is allowed to ask or talk about any of the missing rabbits.

I want everybody reading this to think of two numbers from asking you two questions:

Question #1) How many people do you know who died of COVID?

I first started hearing rumblings of a new Coronavirus emerging out of China in January 2020 (although it looks now like COVID was already circulating throughout the world by mid-2019).

When I got wind of it, I was emailing friends and colleagues to get N95 masks and to stock up on groceries and medications. It looked bad. By February I was probably one of the first people seen around town wearing an N95 mask. In March I started running a spreadsheet using R0, fatality rates and case-doubling times that were coming out of the CDC, the WHO, and shrieking hysterics like Eric Feigl-Ding:

Read the Whole Article Here…

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Thomas Angle
Thomas Angle
1 year ago

Maybe it is time we prod the marked people to take vengence.

Citizen Joe
Citizen Joe
1 year ago

Gates is pushing to put the mRNA shots into all livestock. Then it will pass on to us through consumption.

Elder Son
1 year ago

There were so many signs out there that said: Stop! Do not enter!

And 268,556,888 Boobus AmeriKanus, that’s 80.9% of the population, did anyhow.

Excuse my dark sense of humor, but I’m still laughing at this. Because it is all so true.

comment image

comment image

1 year ago
Reply to  Elder Son

aim for the bridge of the glasses on both of these evil critters!

mike fink
mike fink
1 year ago

On The 2 questions posed in the essay, my personal tally is complicated. The “official” answer if you go with what the medical authorities put down is:
Of Covid- 3 dead
of Vaxx- 0 deaths ,0 injuries
The reality is probably
Covid- 1 dead (massive comorbidities). 1 murdered by the Remdesiver treatment protocols.
Vaxx- 1 sudden death while asleep last week of someone who had all the shots and had Covid in October. His Doctor declared that an autopsy was not required and attributed the death to his covid case of 3 months ago.
1 fit early middle aged woman with an extremely rare heart condition that showed up in late 2021. Supposedly treated and recovered.
1 elderly woman with no family cancer history that turned out early for every available shot. She had a lump in her breast for many years that her doctors were watching but was not growing. Last Summer it was found to be suddenly growing rapidly and was removed. Supposedly cancer free at this time.

So by my count, 1 Covid death, 1 Redesiver death, 1 vaxx death with 2 severe vaxx injuries which could easily have been fatal in the right conditions.