This is a shameful episode in American history – John McCain

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This is a shameful episode in American history,” McCain, R-Ariz., told “Fox News Sunday,” criticizing the Obama administration’s policies as “feckless.

And it’s really an abdication of everything that America stands for and believes in. And on Memorial Day, we should be especially moved by this incredible inaction and failure to assert American leadership.

McCain’s statements were made concerning the “lack of action” by the United States in helping Syrians.

Three Points:

1. Obama is arming Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Only the Best Arms for the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

2. This is not about Syria: it is about the establishment of a new Islamic Caliphate and the Russian Naval Base at Tartus.

3. McCain is using the Syrian Civil War for political gain.

There is no shame for not intervening in the foreign affairs of other countries: non-interference was a founding principle of our nation. The Right to Protect, Kinetic Actions to bypass Congress and political pandering by washed up politicians are the shameful episodes in our current history.

On this Memorial Day, Americans will put aside their politics (and politicians) and honor our sons and daughters who have fought for our Liberty and country.

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

He’ll be happy when we have a war in every country…….